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             20 March, 2023

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How to Save Money and Stay Healthy While on the Go

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2010-07-22 08:58:20     
Article by Christina Quinn

Last week I took the kiddies to Centre Island (Centreville) in Toronto. Whenever we go to one of these amusement parks, I like to play a game called: "Find the Vegetable."

Here's how Centre Island scored in "Find the Vegetable." By the way, condiments (ketchup, relish and mustard) don't count: it must be at least one serving of a vegetable. When we got off the ferry, the first restaurant we saw sold slices of pizza. The youngest spotted a picture with a green thing on the poster boards above the cash. The eldest went up and asked if he could get the green thing on a slice of whatever he was ordering. Sadly, they were out of green things (peppers they were).

After a few rides we went for our mid-morning snack at a picnic table in the eating area where we scouted for more vegetables in the eatery. There were funnel cakes and burgers and hot dogs and ice cream. No veggies to speak of. More rides, then lunch. Then more rides. Then afternoon snack at the eatery and low and behold after an entire day of scouting we managed to find ONE vegetable. A pickle. Actually it was a slice of pickle... the kind you get on the side of a $10 sandwich. Not sure if it meets the serving criteria but after 3 hours of riding around I was too tired to argue.

Now we all know that these types of amusement parks sell lots of so called "food" at some pretty high price points. Getting as much nutrition as possible out of food is a priority for me and my family. When it comes to purchasing food, if there's no nutritional value, I'm not paying a high price: the CFO of Quinn-CO wants big bang for her buck. This is a tall order when out and about at these places. This is why I always pack food and ultimately, how I manage the Groceries and Miscellaneous cost centres of Quinn-CO. How do you manage yours?

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Visit us at http://www.wakeupordiepoor.com because we're all running a business. Who's managing yours?

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