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             11 August, 2020

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Professional Blogging - What You Must Know If You're Thinking Of Starting Your Blogging Career

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2010-07-18 07:25:58     
Article by Colleen I Slater

Professional blogging may look like a dream career. After all, you set your own hours, write about whatever you want, and watch the money come pumping into your bank account.

However, real life is never that easy. Any Internet venture can be almost as difficult as starting a business in the physical world. While it has its advantages (lower costs and less hours), there are distinct disadvantages to working online.

First of all, it can take a little while for your blog to profitable. In the meantime, you may spend your hours writing to an audience that isn't there. Second, it can be lonely working from home. You may start to miss interaction with other office colleagues. Finally, it's a lot more like a job you thing you think. You have to post on a regular schedule, comment on other peoples' blogs, and build back links in order to make a decent amount of money.

But there are ways to make it easier. Pick a topic that you enjoy and can imagine writing about every day for the next several years. Then, think of a unique way to approach the topic. You may want to do a recipe blog, and approach it from the idea of making dinners for under five dollars. The more unique the viewpoint, the more likely people will start following your posts.

In order to build traffic and combat loneliness, you will want to create relationships with other bloggers. You can do this through leaving comments on related websites and interacting with people on forums. The right relationships can help you take your blog into the mainstream.

Professional blogging is not necessarily easy, but it can be a lot of fun. Still, it's advisable to keep your day job until you're making enough money to replace it.

I make over $15,000.00 per month as a blogger.

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