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             18 August, 2022

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The New Intuition - Psychic Abilities and Modern Times

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2006-09-23 23:52:56     
Article by Jeffry Palmer

Intuitive or psychic sensing is linked directly to ancestral, primordial survival traits. It stems from the absolute need to be connected to the immediate environment. Without intuition, the human race would have died off millions of years ago. Once we were predators, forward facing eyes and canine teeth remind of us our less than civilized evolution. Intuition played a vital role in ensuring our survival amongst other predatory beasts as well as a rapidly changing environment.

With the modernization and industrialization of society, primitive survival traits become less and less important. We are no longer required to venture into the wilderness to seek our daily meals. It is no longer necessary for modern man to maintain an intimate connection with the world. We select our plastic packaged dinners from the grocery store shelves and freezers. For many of us the idea of hunting and killing an animal or instinctually knowing when the proper time to plant a crop is a completely alien concept.

Modernization of society has resulted in a reduced capacity to think intuitively. While intuitive senses will always remain an integral part of human perception, as we become less connected with the environment, the intuitive thinking process becomes neglected and unused. This trend toward diminishing intuitive senses carries consequences beyond simply neglecting a natural ability.

Aspects of our growth as a society are affected by the lack of intuitive awareness. Creativity suffers as a result of the over-dependency on the industrial complex to provide our daily needs. The connection to the environment, the intimate knowledge of natural cycles and rhythms, the appreciation of all things living and our responsibility and roles as higher forms of life, the very basic survival notion to care for the planet and its creatures is lost without the bridge to a natural world provided by the intuitive mind.

The technology / intuition paradox is vividly illustrated by discoveries in global warming trends. Pollution, industrialization and a population boom created largely in part by advancements in medical technology have all contributed to the melting of Earth's polar ice caps. If the forecasts of climatologists is correct (and I have no reason to doubt that they are), then within a few generations much of the world's shorelines will be under water, severe draughts will affect much of the southern hemisphere and severe storms will become much more frequent in the north. Given such a scenario, how important will technology be compared to our innate survival senses?

While technology has indeed brought us many advancements and comforts, it has also made us less intuitive. The very comforts and benefits which most technology provides takes us further away from our primal instincts, further away from the necessity to rely on intuition, the necessity to remain attached and attuned to the rhythm of life. Our lessening of intuitive senses leaves us less capable of finding creative ways of coping with a dynamic and fluid environment. Ultimately, our dependence upon technology may make us less adaptable to the very changes which technological advancements bring.

Jeffry R. Palmer is the author of several book dealing with the subjects of metaphysics and paranormal phenomena. His articles and columns have been featured in several popular international magazines. And his amazingly accurate and detailed predictions have captured the attention of an international audience.

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