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             25 February, 2021

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The Advantages of Making Your Own YouTube Videos

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2010-07-14 08:57:42     
Article by Andy J.

Are you a big YouTube fan? If you like to view free videos on the Internet, from a number of different categories, then you must be a fan of YouTube. Most of the Internet users watch videos on YouTube exclusively. If you have never heard of YouTube, than maybe you have been living under a rock. To decide whether you should or should not make and upload your own videos to YouTube, you will want to look at the advantages or other plus sides to doing so.

One of the advantages to uploading your YouTube videos is that you videos can be about whatever you want them to be. Popular video categories on YouTube right now include comedy skits, pranks, video blogs and step by step guides. Even if you want to upload videos of you and your friends having a great time, you can do so. The sky is the limit.

When uploading videos to YouTube you will want to use your best judgment. Even though YouTube accepts all kinds of videos on many different subjects, it will be in your best interest to proceed with caution. You should always be aware of online predators, therefore you will want to be careful about giving out too much personal information about your self, like your phone number, address or even where you go to school. You might not think about that kind of stuff, but just be informed. You also are going to want to make sure to not upload anything illegal. It is well known that the law works with YouTube regularly to help solve some crimes. You may never really know who is watching your videos or what the consequences for posting them will be.

A plus benefit to uploading your videos to YouTube is that they can be shared with the world, anyone with an Internet connection can see them. That means that some of your videos might be watch thousands or even hundreds of thousands of times. As you have read, there are countless of advantages and disadvantages to uploading your videos on YouTube, remember to always display caution when making a video.

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