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             08 August, 2022

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Reasons to Think About Using Solar Powered Garden Lighting

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2010-07-13 07:53:57     
Article by Sharon Russell

When arranging a garden space, incorporating illumination can make a dramatic difference. Not only does it make your outdoor space usable in the evening, but it can also add visual effects or highlight specific features. Many types of garden lighting exist, so why should you choose solar powered lights for your yard?

The following reasons are just some of the advantages of choosing solar powered garden lights:

Solar energy is clean energy - Unlike fossil fuels that are damaging to the atmosphere and limited in supply, solar energy is unlimited and safe. Note: Look for solar lights that use Nickel-Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries rather than Nickel Cadmium (NiCD). The cadmium in NiCD batteries is harmful to the environment.
Solar powered garden lights don't waste energy - Sensors in solar powered lights automatically turn the lights off when there is sufficient ambient light that additional light is not necessary. Some solar powered lights also have motion sensors that switch on the lights only when activity signifies that additional light is required.
They are easy to set up - Since the bulk of solar lights don't have electrical wiring, they are simple to position and reposition to achieve the best lighting effect. As a matter of fact, almost anyone can install these lights without any assistance in an evening or weekend.
They are relatively economical - Given that solar lighting make use of a free power resource, the expenses required to use them are fairly low. Really, the only expenses are for the fixtures themselves and the batteries, which are generally good for two years. And since these lights are straightforward to implement, you won't even need to pay for installation.
There are many designs available - With so many choices, you can use the best type of solar light to attain each lighting goal in your outdoor space. Solar lights exist as spotlights to draw attention to garden items, pathway markers and paving stones for safety, novelty lights to add whimsy, net and string lights to add light to trees and bushes, umbrella lights to add direct lighting to a sitting area, and so on.

No matter the reason you are adding light to your outdoor space, solar powered lights are an excellent selection.

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