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             28 September, 2023

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Software to Spy on Your Spouse's Cell Phone - A Blessing Or a Curse?

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2010-07-11 08:07:22     
Article by Brian Coulter

Since the creation and commercial distribution of software to spy on your spouse's cell phone, there have been many opponents and supporters of this type of programs.

Many of the opponents of software to spy on your spouse's cell phone are, not surprisingly, people that cheat on their spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend. They feel threatened by a program that could uncover their secret lives, their affairs, and their lovers in a very inexpensive and easy way. They would have to risk being caught, which is almost a certainty considering how effective software to spy on your spouse's cell phone is. Or, they would have to stop their bad behavior and lose their lovers and mistresses. In any case, it's bad news for them.

As you must have guessed, supporters of software to spy on your spouse's cell phone are the exact opposite: people that have been cheated on or that suspect that they are cheated on. Unlike cheaters, they are fully on favor of a software program that can bring them peace of mind once and for all. Because they know how badly it feels to be cheated on, they also want to put a stop to people who go around hurting the people they supposedly love.

In addition, this type of software serves as a powerful deterrent to people who might want to cheat but haven't yet. Just like a cop on a corner makes potential criminals think twice before committing a crime, the knowledge that you could be caught easily by a phone deters husbands and wives that could be potential cheaters.

But most of all, people who use spy to spy on your spouse's cell phone want to avoid all the bad feelings and negativity that comes with the suspicion of cheating, but without the certainty. I'm not going to even attempt to describe how badly that feels, but I will say that being in a type of moral limbo takes a heavy toll even on the most resistant and strong willed of people.

And it's not only about your spouse, but also about everyone that you think might know. For example, if your husband goes on another suspicious trip, don't you feel like everyone else is either feeling pity for you or laughing at your back?

Fortunately, with this type of software, you can know the truth and put a stop to those rumors. Yes, it will be hard, but at least you know where you're standing and what you have to do.

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