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An Introduction to Online Marketing

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2010-07-07 09:07:12     
Article by Matt Mccarten

So, you have a sparkly new website, you have all your pages, a fantastic gallery, videos and even some flashy animations. You have your phone number, email address and contact forms littered all over the site.. but you have no enquiries.

Why is this?

The answer is rather simple - traffic. You can have the most beautiful, well designed, well perfoming site in the world, you could even be offering your services for free. If nobody visits your site, nobody can get in touch with you.

So how do I get traffic?

There are several methods of getting traffic, all of them marketing methods. There are of course the usual offline routes, direct mail, cold calling, but these rarely deliver results...you need to market your site online.

Online marketing can roughly be split into two sections. The first route is known as Pay per click (PPC) with this method you pay a search engine to display an advert for your site. And yes, you've guessed right, when somebody clicks on your ad you have to pay. There is no easy way to see how much you would need to pay, it all depends on your keywords and your competition. Its a bidding game. If your competition are bidding 30p for a click, you will need to bid more to appear above them.

This can get very expensive, some keywords can cost upto £30.00! Most of the search engines allow you to specify a budget so you will never go over.

The second route would be classed as SEO - this uses various techniques to bring in traffic from your site from the natural or 'organic' search listings. This method is rather time intensive, it is very easy to do yourself or you can hire an SEO company to handle everything for you.

SEO methods can take many forms and is several articles in itself, at the end of the day SEO is mostly the process of gaining relevant links back to your website, either by direct links, via twitter, blog commenting and even submitting articles (like this one!)

PPC will see results instantly. Natural SEO can take many months to kick into action, but once your site is on the results you don't pay a thing.

I hope this brief guide into online marketing has been helpful, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

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