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             26 June, 2022

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Dying Is Just Another Chapter In Our Lives

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2006-09-22 22:09:00     
Article by Pat Campbell

Most people are afraid of dying whether they admit it or not. And I was no different until I reached a better understanding of the dying process. When I was an agnostic, I used to think that when you died that was it; the end of the story. At least I hoped it was that way but underneath this belief was an underlying fear that I might have it all wrong. The question that used to surface for me was, "What if God is real? Then surely I will go to hell if I die as a non believer!"

As I progressed on my spiritual pathway I came to realise that my previous belief was all a fallacy. I know now without a shadow of a doubt that God does exist! And I also know that going to hell is not an option when we leave our earthly bodies because hell does not exist in the afterlife! Hell only exists right here on earth for a large proportion of the world’s population who have nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep and no hope in their lives. It is not a place at all; it is a state of being caused by adverse circumstances, severe depression or very traumatic events. In fact, when we die, we do not go to another place at all; we go to another dimension.

But dying is not really an appropriate word; it is a human word and does not fully convey the message. It can be very difficult to describe spiritual conditions and events with human words; one can only try to do the best with this limited form of communication. On the other hand the soul can speak without restriction because it speaks in feelings and is not restricted by human language. Our souls are eternal, they have no ending. Our lives here as humans are only a chapter in our lives, a very minute chapter; one drop of water in the ocean, one grain of sand in the universe.

Actually for the soul, time does not even exist because every moment it exists in the “here and now”. And no human dies in vain. Our soul chooses our time of death when we have accomplished what we came here to do. Sometimes the dying itself is the mission so that others may learn an important lesson from our manner of passing. There is always a divine reason for everything. And everything happens for a reason with perfect timing even if it doesn’t always seem to be that way.

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