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Diabetic Cake Recipes and Diabetes Management?

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2010-06-28 08:55:43     
Article by Jhon Lee Wong

Diabetes is a serious disease and must be managed under proper medical advice on a day to day basis. But that does not mean you can not try diabetic cake recipes, enjoy life and satisfy your sweet tooth. One good thing about this disease is, it can be managed by the person who has it, so you can have all sorts of sweet desserts and at the same time keep the diabetes under control.

However, it goes without saying, have everything but in moderation because if you over due anything in life you will suffer one way or another.

I would not have stated above mentioned comment if I have not personally known or experienced diabetes myself. Yes! That is right, I am a diabetic with two beautiful kids and for so many years that I have lost count. But I love cakes... with cream and desserts since my childhood - which ironically led to this situation anyway!

But seriously, if you are a diabetic or know someone with diabetes and that someone or you happen to love desserts and cakes very much. It is not easy to forget when the first time doctor looked at your medical reports and suddenly informs that you are a diabetic and from now onwards better have the meal prepared in the especial way, besides of course the medication, if you want to live longer.

Ooh! and what is that special way, by the way? It's quit plainly, the simple way of cooking food for the folks with diabetes consisting of no sugar, no carbohydrates or the lowest possible carbohydrates (carbs), little or no fat i.e., no cream, no butter & oil etc. and very limited amount of daily fruit intake. But, you are independent and free to have food prepared with lots of fiber preferably with lots of water. Yeah, I know you getting the picture.

Nonetheless, I am not here to depress you guys, on the contrary, just wanted to share the good news that you can, like me and my friends, take pleasure in life. Whether you are a type 1 or type 2, you can impose an effective diabetes management on yourself and put it under control by managing simple diet menus with straightforward modifications and doing some easy daily exercise & that is it! Eat everything that you love specially the cakes... with my self-crafted diabetic cake recipes.

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