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Designs to Suit Modern Lifestyles

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2010-06-21 08:02:48     
Article by Plotehomes

Modern families need homes with designs that will suit their fast paced and strapped-for-time lifestyle. The design should be fuss-free and classy at the same time, keeping with urban sensibilities.

Usage of Space

Modern designs involve clean straight lines in the interior layout as well as furniture. Modern homes are usually not too spacious. They are designed to suit the basic requirements of a small family. When space is at a premium, it is necessary to ensure that whatever dimensions are available must be used as best as possible.

The floor plan of a small modern house must have as few divisions as possible so that the space that is available is utilized well. When you have too many walls, the spaces that they enclose appear very small. This will make the entire house look cramped. Division of space is best accomplished with the help of furniture such as bookshelves or cabinets. This will not only divide space without the help of walls, but it also lends an open and airy feel to the overall design.

Modern lifestyle is all about multi tasking. So the furniture must also be designed to multitask. Modern beds come with headboards which also serve as storage space. The headboard can also double up as a table for your night time books.

Study tables come with shelving underneath to hold all your stationery. The design is such that you can tuck in your chair after you are done.

A kitchen counter can function as your dining counter as well. This saves a lot of space.

Furniture and Paint

You tend to see modern furniture in dark tones and textures that are eye-catching, and they are also very easy to maintain. Ornamentation is given a miss and the focus is on uniformity of shape, color and texture to create the feel of an open atmosphere. Neutral colored upholstery and metal accents on wood or leather complete the modern sophisticated look. The placement of the furniture is also such that movement is unrestricted. This also suits occasional large gatherings at such homes.

Paint colors can make or mar all the other elements of design. Modern colors are generally neutral with a single accent wall which attracts attention instead of an entire bright room.


In keeping with the theme of less is more, the lighting is also selected to suit the overall scheme. A single sleek lamp emitting subdued light is just perfect for a glass and chrome dining table.

Modern lighting is typically characterized by simple, clean lines and an uncluttered look.
Contemporary lighting is a lot different now than it was 50 years ago when the focus was purely on functionalism. Today you can choose from a vibrant mix of ideas in modern lighting that vary from urban chic to non-nonsense functionalism, homely warmth to stark minimalism.

Track lighting and recessed lighting are also frequently used to light up a room in contemporary style. Elegant chandeliers or a striking floor lamp can add a wow factor to an otherwise minimalistic room.

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