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             16 January, 2021

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Top AdSense Keywords - 3 Killer Factors to Consider!

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2010-06-10 08:33:15     
Article by Asem Eltaher

People are getting into the business of advertisement because of its promising result. In this context, Google AdSense is a very popular tool in making money for people. If they can plan and visualize things well, they will be able to earn a lot of money in no time.

Irrespective of which part of the world you are from, you can earn thousands using AdSense income. If you wish to supplement your AdSense revenue, then you can find numerous AdSense keywords, which are highly competitive in the market.

The question though is, if it is effective enough and does choosing keywords, which are high on the competition, make things work more efficiently? This article holds the answer for you.

Why is Cost-Per-Click (CPC) significant and what is it all about?

When it comes to high paying keywords, you must recall CPC. CPC is nothing, but cost per click and it is the amount of money paid when each click is generated on a site or link hosted on your website.

In case you get more clicks from choosing a keyword with a high CPC, there are automatically high payouts generated.

Indeed, many people choose their keywords in their articles based on which ones are high paying AdSense keywords. But this is not the only factor that is important when choosing your keywords.

What is the first factor to consider?

More important than choosing top paying AdSense keywords is to find keywords, which have a lesser payout, but can be a topic of nice and informative articles. Unless the content you write around a keyword that you have chosen is good, there is no point in looking just for top paying Google AdSense keywords.

You cannot deny that search engines as well as readers are biased towards websites that offer informative articles and up to date information.

There are also some keywords, which will be able to get traffic to your site although they are not very expensive. Make sure that the lists of keywords you pick are chosen on the basis of how effective they are rather than the price. Make your choice carefully as this decision can skyrocket your business, in case you did it the right way.

What is the second factor to consider?

When picking a keyword out, do take a look at how much they are being bid for. It is not the number of people trying to bid for a keyword, rather, how many of these bidders are willing to pay a high price to acquire it.

If you choose keywords that have a lot of bidders, it will not necessarily be the best. This true since it may be the case that around 90% of these bidders are not willing to pay so much money per click. As a result, you will land no where though choosing keywords with high bidders.

What is the third factor that you should not overlook?

In case of a high paying keyword, it does make sense to look at the number of sponsors paying for it. If a keyword is top rated, but hardly has anyone paying for it, then it is not a good one to target. Rather, you could choose a keyword that comes at an average cost. This can lead to better results and a nice income from home.

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