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SEO Techniques to Make Your Website Visible

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2010-06-05 07:26:33     
Article by Abe Malik

For a website, nothing is more important than getting popular on the web. Considering the fact that over 65% of online users use search engines to find websites of their interest, it is the biggest challenge for sites to get noticed by the search engine spiders.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the set of techniques that help a website achieve high search engine results position. SEO techniques are of importance because:

• Getting indexed on the 10th page of search engine results won't generate enough traffic
• It is important to exist and stay ahead amidst competition
• Search Engine Optimization improves the overall structure of the website.

If the above mentioned reasons are enough to get you interested in SEO techniques, go on to read the following:

Utilizing the Importance of Content

Earlier, people would choose books, magazines and newspapers that provided useful information. With the advent of the internet, people started using online portals to extract information. What has not changed is the essence of quality content. Hence, the popular quote 'content is king'.

Before even thinking of buying a product or service, most online users prefer to learn about them. Websites that rightly utilize the power of content are considered to be useful by search engines, and hence get featured in top results.

So, what are the ways to unleash the potential of informative content?

• Write keyword based articles and distribute them to article directories.
• Be social in approach by maintaining blogs and posting interesting topics.
• Prepare interesting website and product descriptions.
• Understand the general queries from the user's perspective and try to answer them.

Two things are very important to make your content work. First, you must provide unique and quality content to the online users. Hire experienced and creative content writers and ask them to weave impressive and informative content. Second, it is important to update the content regularly to maintain the interest of regular readers.

Keywords are the Keys to Success
Keywords and phrases are the query strings that a searcher feeds into search engines in order to get results based on these strings. Keywords must thus be integrated into the website's content and other components in all possible manners.

There are two things required to use keywords in SEO techniques. First, a careful selection of targeted keywords should be made. Second, the selected keywords must be embedded in the website in the right density. Here, you need to draw the line between keyword usage and spamming.

Keyword locators can help you find the most popular and relevant keywords for your niche. Here are some tips to embed your keywords:

• Use them in the website URL.
• Embed keywords in title tags and meta description tags.
• Insert them in image tags, image descriptions, video descriptions, video names and other objects.
• Use them in regularly updated website content.

The idea behind all these techniques is to make the website search engine friendly, as search engine spiders always look for keywords relevant to different search queries.

Build Website Links
A website gains popularity by having its links distributed all over cyberspace. Here are some tips for this:

• Submit your website links to genuine website and business directories and yellow pages.
• Write original articles, embed website links in them and distribute them.
• Use website links in your signatures while participating in forum discussions, discussion boards and social websites.
• Most importantly, maintain a blog that links to your main website. You will have to concentrate on good content and constant updates for your blog.

A good idea is to integrate various SEO techniques while constructing the website. Moreover, all SEO techniques described above require no payment; rather, are a part of the organic SEO, where you merely have to follow simple procedures to obtain long-lasting and good web traffic.

Abe Malik
Information Products for Targeted Business Marketing

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URL: http://www.unitedonlinemarketing.com
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