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             25 September, 2021

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Freedom to do What You Want

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2006-09-20 23:06:33     
Article by David Allan King

Freedom to do what you want.
Sometimes when we dream of how we would like our life to be we may think that freedom to do what we want would be the ultimate good thing that could happen to us. We look at our lives and see that many of the dreams we had are yet to be fulfilled and we doubt whether they now will be. So many people pin their hopes and dreams on winning the lottery or some other form of gambling. They have a dream of escaping the reality of their current lot in life by some most unlikely eventuality like winning a great sum of money.

Let’s be honest – for most people, this just will not happen! We may blame our circumstances for where we are right now. We may consider that where we are is where we are stuck. We may consider that we are in some prison - never, of course, of our own making. We will do anything and use any argument to escape the reality of admitting that where we are right now is where we need to be for our own betterment and ultimate progress.

Let me pose a question: "Would a great pile of money coming to you today make you a better person"? In other words, would financial improvement equate with person improvement? Or would it bring with it a whole string of new problems and obstacles to your life progress?

If you are one of those who believe that this lifetime experience is all there is and after you die there is nothing, then you probably will want to grab all you can now, because you do not believe there is anything to follow. You life meal is not start, fish course, main course, dessert, cheeseboard, coffee and port! Your life is just one main course. You certainly will not entertain the concept of laying up treasure in heaven, but will want to grab it all here and now.

But, I trust that, because you are found to be reading an article on this subject, you believe there is at least something after this life or even that this life is a series of lives where you are given the great privilege of learning to advance and develop as a spirit being. Getting it all now in one big dollop would do now for your development. In fact it would most likely cause you to take backward steps, bringing you more problems than you ever had before.

I have called this article: "Freedom to do what you want". Ok, but is that freedom an advantage or a liability? And is what you want that which is best for your advancement? Would millions in your bank account make you a better person? Would it prepare you for that which lies ahead when you draw your last breath upon this planet? I will leave you to answer the questions and maybe even ask yourself some more.

Of course, it is not only lack of money that we blame for lack of freedom to do what we want. We blame the job we are in. We are stuck in a rut and spend so many hours of every day earning barely enough to pay the bills and feed ourselves and those we have responsibility for.

And of course, don't forget to blame your spouse! He or she must hold you back greatly from the things you would undoubtedly achieve if only you were free to be yourself! Excuse me while I recover from my severe bout of loud laughter.

I just want to make one point in this article. None of the things that you could blame for holing you back from your greatest fulfillment are the things you thought they were. Nothing holds you back from self expression and self fulfillment but yourself. And if you find that, putting all else aside, you still cannot climb that mountain, then perhaps, just perhaps, it was not your mountain to climb – at least not in this lifetime.

In closing let me just say that the freedom to do what you want could be your worst nightmare and lead to the ultimate destruction of what you call this life. We all came here with restrictions placed upon us. Some of those restrictions are to be overcome, for that is our progress in this life. But the greatest discernment we can have in life is knowing when the mountain is too high for us right now and when to back off. Then we will have grown far more than we ever would if all we desired had dropped on our plate.

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