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             10 June, 2023

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Choosing a Computer Repairman

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2010-05-31 08:01:06     
Article by Sam Harnett

For many people their computers are one of their most important possessions. Your PC or Mac has all your family photos, all your work and is a primary source of your entertainment. For this reason choosing the right computer repairman is essential. Their are many potential pitfalls that you can fall into if you choose the wrong computer repairman:

1) Incomplete repairs

Many repair companies do not provide a complete service. Not installing drivers with new operating systems is a common complaint. As well as this a good computer repair service should inform you of any problems you were not aware of when you dropped your computer off and offer you a quote for completing these works at the same time.

2) Data Loss

Another common complaint I have found from customers is that when they have had their computers repaired by other companies they have been returned formatted with all of their irreplaceable data lost. Programs and settings can be recovered but work and personal items like photos and family movies cannot.

3) Misleading quotes

Like in any service industry computer repairmen can tell when you know a great deal less than they do and the less scrupulous ones will take advantage of this to either charge you more than is fair or charge you for additional work that doesn't need to be done.

4) Overdoing the work

My own computer is full of programs and tweaks to increase its performance. Many of them require regular maintenance which for me is not a problem but for others might go unattended. Some computer repairmen attempt to treat their customers computers in the same was as they treat their own without considering whether the customer will be able to maintain them. A good computer repair person will take the level of computing ability of their customers into account before deciding what to do.

In order to get the best possible service for your computer here are some steps you should take before choosing a suitable professional:

1) Get multiple quotes

Like with any service you should request estimates from several providers before deciding which one to take up. I'm not saying take the cheapest quote for your computer repair work but this will give you an idea of roughly how much your work should cost. Some firms charge a large fee just to look at your computer. This is not appropriate and you should seek a repair service which provides a free diagnosis and quote.

2) Ask for qualifications

Many people think they can provide a computer repair service as they are proficient at maintaining their own computers. These service providers are dangerous and often do not take responsibility when things go wrong. A good pc repair service will take responsibility or any mistakes they make. The range of suitable qualifications range from a degree education to Microsoft or other professional certification. A professionally recognised computer repair qualification is essential.

3) Do not pay up front and request a definite price upfront

You should have a definite price in your mind before work begins. This protects you from unexpected increases in price. If the computer repairman needs to change this price mid way through the job due to unforeseen complications or material costs. They should communicate this to you before proceeding any further. If the work is not competed to your satisfaction and your computer or laptop is not fixed you should not pay anything. Only part with your money if you are completely happy with the work that has been done.

4) Ask your friends

The best way to find a suitable computer repair service is through your friends and family. Look for people who have had computer repair work done in the past that they are happy with and go with the computer repair service they used.

If you follow these steps you should have no problems finding a qualified and competent pc repair service at a reasonable price in your area.

Sam Harnett MSc mBCS

Specialized in: Choosing - Computer - Repairman
URL: http://www.thanetcomputerrepair.co.uk
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