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Mobile Phones and GPS

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2010-05-30 08:24:52     
Article by Sanjeev Walia

GPS is a global navigation satellite system which determines the exact geographical position of the GPS enabled device by calculating the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver.

This technology was originally developed by American Department of Defense, to be used for military purposes only but today it's the most widely used aid to navigation worldwide and is having a profound impact on commerce and civilian life.

GPS is set to change our lives; it has brought to us a new scope of information, a new revolution in the wireless age. The technology is spreading, but a lot of people are still unaware of its virtues and capacity. We can use it to keep track of anything and anyone in transit, it's capable of telling you exactly where you are when you get lost, and it can guide you through the roadways of any mapped city and may even tell you shortcuts you never noticed before. It is soon to turn city road maps into worthy artifacts at archaic museum.

Today the most commonly used and popular GPS enabled device is the cellular phone. Not very surprising is it? The mobile handset has over the years evolved to incorporate a host of tools and features at one time unimaginable, thus making many devices obsolete. The never exhausting list includes text messaging, e-mail, internet access, music player, camera and Bluetooth to quote a few. Most mobile phones today come with preloaded handy but essential applications like unit converters, calculator, calendar, timer, stop watch and alarm.

GPS has only added on to the encompassing utility of the cell phone. It enhances a cell's capacity in two ways. As a GPS enabled device it allows you to track the exact location of the mobile, thus helping you to keep track of your loved ones. Also, it facilitates locating the phone when lost or stolen. The other way in which it exceeds your expectations is by acting as a truly trusted navigator; whether you are visiting the unexplored part of your city or even going half way across the world, your cell phone would never fail you, showing you the right way.

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