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             10 August, 2022

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ThatWave - A Place to Get Hip Hop Music

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2010-05-25 06:27:36     
Article by Alfredo Barry

The hip hop music here. That wave is a website where we will get the most updated hip hop news. The website contains all new hip hop music, hip hop blogs, hip hop videos. The home page of the website consists of many YouTube videos, which are streaming online playing the latest hip hop style videos. The website contains links to the social media websites such as twitter, Facebook, google buzz and to the online streaming video website YouTube. The home page provides free downloads of the hip hop music and videos for free. The users of iTunes can also download the hip hop music, a special link is provided for them.

So what exactly is the hip hop? Hip hop music is a music genre which is developed as a part of the culture of hip hop. It is mainly designed for its key styling elements such as rapping, DJ music, sampling, beatboxing, scratching, fredfoxing. The main origin of hip hop music started from the South Bronx of the New York City in the early 70's of the 20th century. The word rap is the actual synonym of the hip hop, but when we say hip hop it denotes the complete culture of the hip hop. Rapping is a style of vocal music where the artist who is performing rapping speaks out every word and sentence lyrically, in rhythm, and in verse of instruments or on the beats of synthesizer. The beats can be created by looping the portions of other songs from a artists who is known as DJ or Disk Jockey. DJ mixes up the portions of two songs and produces the third song which has a touch of rap music.

Today's modern beat is made up of the synthesizers, drum machines as well as of live bands, which are performing live and the music is captured from it. The rappers make some ethical changes in the lyrics and then perform their work with the beats to give a good effect to their work.

The website consists of many rap music videos to stream online. On the home page itself there are more than 10 - 15 videos that can be streamed online, to give you the hip hop touch. Other than these videos, you can also play music of your favourite band or music group, whose list is provided on the home page of the website. The website also contains the list of the latest hip hop music albums, when clicked will start to play the tunes of it. You can also get the links of the other websites, which are having the collection of hip hop music. Therefore, visit and play

URL: http://thatwave.com
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