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             25 February, 2024

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Create Your Own Luck

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2006-09-20 23:06:02     
Article by Michael Lee

Some lucky people, like those who have won the lottery or married a wealthy person, think of themselves as successful. Other people also think about them the same way.

Some of them have been featured in TV shows, where people are inspired to know more about their success stories. These viewers tell themselves to wait and expect for success, rather than work hard for it.

But you don't have to fall into this trap. What are the chances of winning the lottery? One in a million perhaps. And you've probably heard stories about lottery winners losing their wealth as fast as they've acquired it. Financial literacy is still the key.

Spend less than you earn, and look for ways to invest rather than spend (or should I say waste) the money. Whenever good fortune strikes, always ask first, "How can I utilize this to create more wealth?" rather than "How or where can I spend all this money?"

As for those who think marrying a wealthy person can bring you massive riches, think again. It's not nice to rely or depend on others for your future. You've got to make your own moves. Do your part.

For me, it is much better to earn a hundred dollars by working hard and/or smart, rather than be given a thousand dollars without giving anything in return. It just feels great to reap the fruits of your labors.

Don't wait for success; hunt it down like there's no tomorrow.

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