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             19 January, 2021

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Beware of water that contains arsenic

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2010-05-19 07:11:05     
Article by Jaceline Peirrera

Good health is crucial for emotional as well as physical well-being. In order to remain healthy, make sure you consume pure drinking water.

Water is a life-giving asset. If you wish to stay in your pink and plum health then have lots of pure water. Do you have any idea what is there in your drinking water? It is arsenic.

Many of us are still not aware of the fact that some amounts of toxins are present in the water consumed by us. Arsenic drinking water is one of the many dangers raising alarm worldwide for its harmful affects. High levels of arsenic are found in the groundwater in both commercial and residential wells which is increasingly been scrutinized by both regulators and homeowners.

Arsenic is present in water usually and is a heavy poisonous metal but due to the rocks, it used to be naturally filtered through. Now, it comes from several sources, such as agricultural, mining and industrial. Unfortunately, the municipal treatment plants are unable to remove traces of arsenic from drinking water with the levels fluctuation during the year. Contamination of the water caused by arsenic is naturally due to the result of the industrial processes like mining.

Arsenic is known to cause arsenicosis and an estimated 57 million people around the world are drinking arsenic affected water that is far above the level that WHO has recommended as normal.

Due to the increase of the industrial activities by which the final products are produced, with almost no regulation on their operation, the situation is getting worsen day by day. Different amount of arsenic appears in water every time one examines its presence. This is making it hard to keep a track on the amount of arsenic in the drinking water.

One cannot say anything with accuracy about quantity. It seems that everything is in our hands. It is completely upto us to protect people from the rising level of arsenic and other sort of contaminants in drinking water. This can be done with the help of an effective home-water purification system. With the best water purifier, you will be able to remove all types of contaminants including arsenic upto 99%.

A home filtration system is the best way to safeguard your family's health from all the unwanted contaminants present in water. Such a device will be one of your rewarding investments providing you lifelong riddance from arsenic and other related harmful elements like pesticides, insecticides and so on. Through such a system, not only will you be able to get fresh and clean drinking water but also with time, your family's health will enhance.

A water purification system is one way through which chlorine and other chemical odor or tastes can be easily removed. Apart from that, it also clears out dirt, sediments making your drinking as fresh as ever. Other than setting up a water filtration system, one can also fit a whole house water filter that will help to arrest all the possible contaminants in drinking water.

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