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4 Tips to File Motorbike Accident Claims

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2010-05-11 07:19:14     
Article by Sara Gray

Motorbikes are considered unsafe by most people since these vehicles are prone to accidents. Under the UK law if a motorbike accident occurs due to no fault of the rider then he can claim for compensation provided he meets a few requirements. This article will elaborate on some information that will help you get maximum compensation for motorbike accident claims.

#1 - The person who was injured in the motorbike accident has 3 years from the date of the accident to file the claim. Claimants are always advised to file claims within 2 months of the accident since by waiting for a long time claimants risk the possibility of forgetting important information. Many solicitors do not deal with bike claims that are too close to the closing date since this does not give them much time to get maximum compensation for the claimant.

#2 - If the victim of the accident is injured then he can claim for medical expenses incurred due to the accident. The claimant can also claim for damages to the motorcycle along with damages to property if applicable. If the claimant had to miss work due to injuries after the accident then he can also make a claim for lost wages. To claim for any kind of expenses the claimant will need to collect hospital bills, property damage repair bills and motorbike repair bills to prove that he has spent a certain amount due to the accident.

#3- Solicitors who help claimants offer no win no fee services that entitle the claimant to receive free legal advice. These solicitors do not charge any money for the advice they provide and they also do not charge any fees for the help they provide related to the case. To help the claimant win the case the solicitor will not only provide advice but he will also contact the adjuster, insurance company and other people related to the case. The solicitor will also represent the bike victim in the court and strengthen the case for the claimant. Since many people are under the impression that bikers are unsafe drivers, it is always recommended to hire a solicitor who can convince the other person that the claimant was not at fault.

#4 - If the victim died in a motorcycle accident then the family can make three types of claims. In the first type of claim the family can claim on behalf of the victim's estate for the victim's funeral charges and damages to property. In the second type of claim the family can claim for Bereavement compensation which is a fixed compensation set by the government. For any deaths on or after 1st Jan 2008 the set compensation is 11,800 Great Britain Pounds. In the third type of claim the family can claim for dependency compensation if the victim was taking care of a dependent such as a wife or a child.
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