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             06 June, 2020

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Latest Facial Recognition and Browsing Techniques on Mobile Devices

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2010-05-08 09:05:19     
Article by Kevin Everette T Sanders

A group of people in institutes are designing a fast and efficient face image browsing system on CE (Consumer Electronics) devices. The system uses three methods such as facial region detection and facial feature extraction, facial vector clustering, and DB handling for face meta data.

Given pictures, a facial region detection algorithm is applied to each picture and then Gabor-Wavelet features of interesting points in each detected face are extracted. Next, a facial vector clustering technique makes all the facial features, which corresponds to faces, be clustered in an appropriate manner.

In general, a face recognition technique requires a registration procedure, i.e., a user should register face photos as the base, but the system gathers daily pictures automatically. Finally, the DB is updated in order to browse photos by face specifics in real time. This procedure has been presented by some researchers. They have developed a procedure and algorithm, and an easy and efficient UI for a face image browsing system on consumer electronics devices.

Another problem for such applications on cellular devices is display: how to efficiently present the recognized facial or other images on the small screen of such devices.

Visual information presentations on small displays are increasing as the use of cellular communication is increasing day by day. Digital image is one of the most popular forms of visual information which is easily shared and accessible. However, a challenge is to provide a better user experience on heterogeneous small sized screens. Some researchers developed, a novel and efficient technique to browse images by automatic panning and zooming on region-of-interests (ROIs) of image for small display device users. pictures are classified into two different classes and ROIs of image are extracted by using top-down and bottom-up approaches. ROIs are browsed using different intuitive and study based methods. The proposed system is evaluated by subjective test and evaluation results show that the proposed system is an effective large image displaying technology on small displays.

In the future, we will see more advanced and mature facial recognition and display technologies for mobile deices. And see the applications of these techniques being used in our daily life for a secure and wonderful world.

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