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Article by JPHILIP

S.M.C.M. International GmbH, based in Switzerland, offers you diverse and comprehensive solutions in the area of Sales & Marketing as well as national and international Accounts Receivable Management.

Our services:

1.Accounts Receivable Management / Debt Collection
2.Debt Enforcement (national & international)
3.Address Tracing
4.Credit Reporting
5.Sales & Marketing

Our services are provided by experts with many years of experience. S.M.C.M. promises a personal and responsible service. We guarantee competence, persistence and openness. Trust in our knowledge and experience.

S.M.C.M. works worldwide closely with:

State Authorities, Import and Export Companies, Law Firms, Hospitals, Schools, Health Insurance Companies, Chambers of Commerce, Credit Agencies, Banks, Insurance Companies, Embassies, Travel Agencies as well as Investigation Agencies.

Your Advantages

Your consumers bad payment habits reduces your cash flow and costs you a lot of time, aggravation and resources. Leave the resulting protracted work and inconveniences to us, so that you may use your capacities to focus on your core business.

Our services in the area of debt collection are on a no collection, no fee basis.
We provide our services in the field of Accounts Receivable Management and Debt Collection with a globally connected, multilingual team and local contacts in 110 countries. These are governed by the local laws and comply with legal requirements so that you will be able to continue the business relationship with your customer / consumer on a solid basis.

We accept accounts of any size, including cases which are already several months or years old.

Specialized in: National And International Accounts Receivable Management - Debt Collection - Address Tracing
URL: http://www.smcm-international.com
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