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Your Personal Guide to Criminal Injury Compensation

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2010-04-28 06:34:38     
Article by Alden Blake

Being a victim of a violent crime like mugging, burglary or violence is often hard on the person and it entitles the victim to claim for suffering along with loss of personal items. This article will answer all your questions pertaining to criminal injury compensation so that you get the best compensation possible.

Criminal cases are often described as violent crimes that occur due to hatred. Mugging, burglary, rape, molestation and hitting a victim are considered as criminal offenses. Since these crimes occur due to no fault of the victim, the victims of such crimes are permitted to file for compensation provided they meet certain requirements. Victims are allowed to ask for compensation from the government for medical expenses incurred after the accident and for any pain or suffering the victim has gone through. If the victim has been hospitalized for a long time due to the crime then he can also claim for lost wages.

All criminal injury cases in UK are reported to the CICA that is the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authorities. While this department tries its level best to compensate all victims, it is not possible for them to compensate each and every victim mainly because not all cases are convincing enough. For this reason people who want to file for criminal injury compensation usually opt for solicitors to help them file their case.

The rules and regulations for filing for criminal injury compensation are complex and they usually cannot be understood by a person who has no legal knowledge. Solicitors who deal with criminal injuries on the other hand are well equipped to file claims on behalf of their claimants. Solicitors also collect evidence to ensure that the case is not rejected and the person gets the required compensation.

After the case is accepted an adjuster will contact the claimant to talk about the compensation amount. Most adjusters try their level best to make the claimant settle for an amount much lesser than what the claimant has asked for. If you have hired a criminal attorney to help you file the case then he will ensure that you get the maximum compensation. Solicitors also ensure that the case is approved and the claimant gets the compensation as soon as possible. Without a solicitor it can take more than 1 year to get the required compensation for criminal injuries.

Criminal attorneys that help claimants file for compensation can be found online through various websites. Most solicitors in UK have their own websites since the internet is the fastest way to reach a large number of people fast. Criminal attorneys can also be found through accident settlement companies. These companies also have websites on the internet that elaborate about the various benefits of opting for the company's legal services. Accident settlement companies usually provide multiple types of legal services and they ensure that the claimant gets the maximum compensation possible.


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