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             24 November, 2020

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While dealing with children having Autistic Spectrum Disorder

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2010-04-15 00:53:13     
Article by Jasmine Smith

A huge number of people from all over the world have been suffering from the Autistic Spectrum Syndrome. This is also a major part of the various learning disabilities that a number of children as well as a number of adults suffer. Survey says that if the syndrome can be observed at the very early stage then a proper diagnosis can help the autistic children to increase their development. They can be taught the various social skills and even they can be taught how to take care of them. Basically such children are really very intelligent but their disability comes from a different sphere. Attention Deficit Disorder is the basic reason for their weird attitude which sometimes paves the path of misunderstanding them many times. Attention deficit disorders make them stay away from their normal attitude and their normal way of communication. They can not live a proper life just like any other child. They in a single word are out of the normal stream of life. Autism makes them away from all other people as they can not communicate properly and they even can not interact in the normal way. They react to any other external stimuli in very weird way just because they are suffering from a very dangerous syndrome which is almost incurable. They can be easily defined through their difficulty to express something or sometimes they face difficulty while understanding other people.

Autism is specifically popular in terms of medical science as the autism spectrum disorder. This was a fact that up to the nineteenth century this term was not defined. This was really terrific that such a term which is the cause of the suffering for numerous people specifically this is real threat for many children. Autism is syndromes which affect people from the moment of their birth. From the very infant stage the various signs of this syndrome can be identified and parents can take some specific steps to provide them with some special care. There is no such cure through medical process but parents of such children can rely on some special therapies to modify the strange behaviour of their children. Many children respond in a very positive way through some therapies.

This is a very fact that autistic children have to depend on someone through their lifespan. They can never be free and independent in spite of various therapies that they can have. Various parents want to bring their children in to the normal flow of life and give some extensive emphasis which definitely causes harm to their children as they can never lead a normal life. Such force can affect them in a very negative way. It is really very tiresome and challenging as well to bring up an autistic child but there is no way out either for the parents. They have to realize this as a fact for their whole life which is really very tough.

Autistic children learns from their visual ability and to utilize this quality they require some special structural environment so that they can develop more and more through whatever specialty and quality they may have. They are very good in learning sign languages. This is also a good invention in the process of development of such special children. Autistic children who are not at all developed in their skills in terms of speech must be interacted with some sing language which will definitely make them learn to communicate and express themselves. Though such children are very healthy looking but they are not like the other children. They are somehow different from the other and they really need some special care and special steps to have some development in so many constraints of their lives.

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