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How To Follow Company, Business, Patent, Trademark Registration Services in India

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2010-04-01 07:42:33     
Article by Chaman goyal

In all these days we can see different types of law firms operating through the world offering different types of law services that meets the upgrowing needs of the corporate world. As with the increasing competition among the business houses the demand of corporate / business attorneys also increases at the rapid rate. Every one wants to take legal benefits by following various types of company laws, rules and regulations. Every country has its own rules and procedures for company law services. Like for trademark registration, patent registration, brand registration, company registration and business registration every country follow different laws and regulations. Like in India the trademark is a type of intellectual property and its registration is very important for view point of trademark from getting stolen, copied or misuse by other person.

Trademark is a kind of logo, image or symbol that defines your product or service in the corporate world. It is very important to get unique or distinct identification in the market in respect of your company's product or service. Apart from trademark registration there is another registration with the name patent registration that act as safeguard and enables you in preventing and protecting your unique invention in the form of product or services by an unauthorized person. Patent registration is a kind of advantage granted to the original inventor for his or her services ort product of any kind offered to the corporate market.

The procedures for patent registration vary from country to country. In India the patent registration is generally done for 20 years but its renewal has to be done on the regular basis. Most of the law firms in India offer different types of registration services including company registration that comprises company act 1956 that laid rules and regulations that one has to follow for his or her company registration. Every country has its own rule for company registration like Canada, UK, USA, India, NZ and EU countries and other countries of different continents have different policies and rules for company registration. Besides these law firms in India also offers IPR law firm services that comprises Intellectual Property Rights that depicts the valuable protection of human mind, skill, labor and efforts. . In this international corporate market intellectual property comprises copyright, trademark and design. It is different from other types of property of international market as intellectual property consist different manner of usage and value.


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