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             18 May, 2022

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A Resume Should Be an Abbreviated You

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2006-09-18 20:51:15     
Article by Lance Winslow

If you have a resume and you have sent it out to human resource directors in many corporations where you might like to get a job then you need to realize that your resume should be an abbreviated you; a 2 dimensional picture of the three-dimensional you. If you send out a resume and you get called back to come in for an interview; the human resource director should not be surprised by anything you say during the interview.

In fact, your resume should have represented what you are about and provide no surprises. Perhaps, they might be pleasantly surprised by your demeanor, great attitude or personal outlook on life, but other than that you should be exactly what you had represented on your résumé.

If you have over embellished your credentials, have fraudulent degrees or misrepresented yourself in any way, you will not get the job and you will have angered the human resource director for misrepresenting yourself. A resume should be an abbreviated you and it should be an adequate and reliable picture of your skills, abilities and education.

There is too much misrepresentation and fraud, which goes on during the interview process and on resumés in corporate America. Some say that over 30% of all resumés have some fraudulent details on them, others say the numbers even higher. Do yourself a favor and do it right or don't do it at all. Consider all this in 2006.

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