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Get Best Productivity by Twining Work with Face Recognition Time Attendance System

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2010-03-27 07:03:34     
Article by Swaty Agarwal

Considering most of the world's population is currently relying on face recognition system, it is somehow now important to know the importance of this exclusively programmed face recognition time attendance system in accordance with the productivity of the organization. Face recognition system is nowadays booming in the field of security. One of the face recognition systems plays a great role in associating the data with time. Face recognition time attendance system is a device that records the time related data for a particular premise. It helps in managing the timely data that contributes in increasing the productivity of the organization.

Face Recognition Time Attendance System:
As known to all, face recognition time attendance system is based on face recognition technology. The timing details are noted by capturing the facial details of the individuals in the premise. These details are then stored in the database of the computer. The electronic storage of the data helps in easy retrieval and safe storage.
Face recognition attendance system does the enrollment process when the individual visits the premise for the first time. On the regular visit, the same person needs not to enroll every time but need to go for the authentication.

When a person repeatedly visits the premise, he/she need not to enroll every time but has to go through the matching process. The device performs the matching process by re-capturing the facial details and then performing the matching process between the newest captured patterns and the older stored patterns. When it finds the match then, the device stores the respective timing details.

Are you Aware of the Various Advantages of the Time Attendance System?

While you implement the biometric time attendance system, you indirectly solicit a number of advantages like:

•You do not need to think regarding the installation part. The face recognition time attendance system employs a very easy procedure for its installation. It does not require any additional hardware or software for its support.

•The biometric time attendance system is based on 'no human touch' technology. In order to authenticate, now people do not have to touch the device. As, with face recognition time attendance your face is enough to identify.

•The time attendance system supports electronic data storage. It enables the device to provide utmost security in terms of data management.

•Face recognition time attendance system meets 100% data accuracy. It stores time related data of the employees or staffs of the premise with utmost accuracy.

•While you are incorporating time attendance system, you need not to worry regarding the cost factor. The whole system is based on single time installation charge with a very minimum maintenance cost.

How it's related to Productivity?

Is this is the main reason for you to worry about? If that is so then, here is the explanation. Face recognition time attendance system records the in-timing as well as the out-timing of the staffs in the premise. These timing details are then used for the leave calculation of the employees; shift timings of the staffs as well as the scheduling of the shifts for the employees are also taken care of. Thus, it helps in saving a lot amount of time of the management, which can be devoted to other productive work.

Apart from this, timing details of the employees are used to generate the payroll. The HR or the finance department almost used to pay half of the month preparing the payroll while calculating manually but now with the face recognition time attendance, it has become a job of a single day. Thus, quality time can now be devoted to other important work.

Science is a field where technological inventions are occurring too fast. Another day, another technology, isn't! If you are really conscious about your organization and its proper growth then, it is really easy in today's world. Just you are lacking is, the time and the dedication. Isn't it!

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