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             31 March, 2023

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Computer Certifications Increase Salaries

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2010-03-22 06:29:57     
Article by Lisa Green

According to a website for technology and engineering professionals, Dice Learning, an MCSE certificate is one of the top 10 qualifications most likely to help an employee increase the size of their income. These findings are partially based on the fact that Dice Learning has almost 1,000 vacancies on its website requesting MCSE certification as a requirement. But what is it about this qualification that makes it so desirable to employers?

MCSE - A 'Must Have' for IT professionals

MCSE stands for Microsoft Certified System Engineer. An MCSE certificate means that the bearer is qualified to work with networking concepts and operation systems. Several years ago, Microsoft opened a number of training centres across America to teach people how to become MCSE-qualified within the platforms of Microsoft itself. Since then interest has snowballed, thanks to Microsoft's position as a global force, to the point where an MCSE qualification is internationally recognized. It is a valued certificate in the eyes of employers, as it shows that a potential employee has a defined knowledge of Microsoft systems. In order to qualify for an MCSE course, a potential candidate must have at least one year's experience of implementing a network operating system that has between 200 and 26,000 users spread over between five and 150 locations and services which include file and print, dial-in servers and desktop management. They will also need at least one year's experience in designing networks and the administration of a desktop operating system.

To achieve MCSE status, candidates can now register for MCSE courses online or attend MCSE training courses through organizations such as the Open University. Over the course of approximately 250 hours, the candidate must complete a number of exams, according to the type of certificate they are studying for. There are a number of certificates available, such as for Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft NT 4.0 and Security in Windows Server 2003. Whilst learning Microsoft Windows 2000, a candidate has to pass seven exams, five of which are Core Exams. To obtain a certificate for MCSE 2003, there are a total of six exams to be passed, four of which are Core Exams. Each exam comprises of around 45 - 55 questions and a score of 620 - 660 is required on Core Exams to obtain a certificate. Of the elective exams, a score of between 556 - 675 is required to qualify as a 'pass'.

Developmental learning

Should a candidate be successful, they are then equipped to prepare, implement, execute and maintain network information systems. However, as technology is constantly evolving, so too are the mechanics of these systems. In order to maintain MCSE qualification, an MCSE technician must attend further courses and pass additional exams to ensure they are familiar with all the latest developments.

As information systems become more and more important to businesses across the world, the skills of the MCSE technician are becoming more highly valued. Undertaking an MCSE certificate may be the best way to greater opportunities and challenges. Although a substantial amount of experience is required and the qualification involves a lot of studying, the financial rewards and potential career moves that can be accessed definitely make all the hard work and exams worthwhile.

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