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             04 June, 2020

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An Article on Self Awareness

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2010-03-21 08:41:44     
Article by Henry M. Piironen

When one neuron in our brains has the capacity to produce thousand connections with other neurons, the amount of possible connections is more than the universe has atoms. As you can imagine, in this complexity the self-awareness cannot be too simplistic to be expressed as being composed of only one factor, but from many.

1. What is self-awareness? Self-awareness is commonly perceived as something that is separate from the thoughts that emerge to our mind, and it is the area of our being we reflect to the set personal standards. These standards can be religious, the standards of the society, or expectations we have created for ourselves. The self-awareness is also characterized as the experience of our continual being in constantly exceeding present time, for which mastery philosopher Eckhart Tolle founded his guide book to life, The Power of Now.

2. What is representational self-awareness? We have the tendency to reflect our own being with such representations as what we consider as heroic or what we admire, and it is useful to identify Self with good characteristics when we are still growing, since they are then more probable to grow. Howard Bloom, for instance, who has been compared with Einstein, Newton, Hawkins, and Buckminster Fuller, said that one of the reasons for his genius is in that he held various intellectual giants as his role models, causing him to imitate, or in his words, ape their behavior as he considered them as the A-packs, all non alpha males or females imitate to become alpha males or females themselves. These reflections can however cause anxiety because the person identifies himself or herself with negative self-reflections, perceiving representational images that are far from being pleasant. If such a state becomes chronic, it is learned behavior, from which one must re-learn away. We can also be self-aware in fantasized content and live through fantasized roles in life, identify our self with fantasized beings, or identify our self with the fantasized character that has existence only in our representational realm, similar to dreaming. Thus as a summary of the representational self-awareness is that we reflect our own self with representations, also in different realisms.

3. What is emotional self-awareness? There is not a moment when we would not feel any kind of emotion, appearing also in such forms as instinctively sensing that something is good, or that there is something wrong, and also in the form of desires we often base our choices. Being self-aware of emotions intensifies the experience of them, when in contrast if we are in the state when time seems to pass rapidly, focused for example to writing, we are less self-aware of our emotions as our attention is directed elsewhere. The emotions also tell us when everything runs smoothly as they should, or may experience that we are conflicted with something, thus causing us to settle or solve matters between others or with the environment in that we for example redecorate our houses when they do not meet our own standards. Emotions and instincts are also something we should trust our choices upon, despite the modern tendency to say that the rational decisions are the best decisions. The rational decisions have their time and place, but the capacity of the sub-consciousness can be compared with a standard late 20th century computer and a modern supercomputer in processing capacity. Being too self-aware of one's own emotions can also intensify the negative emotions, causing a vicious circle of intensifying anxiety, leading to anxiety attacks.

4. What is semantic self-awareness? Semantic can be defined in simple terms as a meaning of something, and thus we can become self-aware of what we are by giving ourselves a variety different meanings, depending on the circumstance, actions we have taken, or for instance when we define our being, expressing ourselves with language or intuitively understanding different meanings of what we are through reflections, in both, positive and negative. We also gain semantic self-awareness from the opinions of others about ourselves again in both, positive and negative.

5. What is a physiological self-awareness? Focus your attention to the middle of your right arm, and sense what you feel from it. That is what physiological self-awareness is all about, how we sense our physiology in all its extent. Various relaxation records use this in that they make persons self-aware of various parts of the body, and speak on how it begins to relax, thus using suggestion, resulting, if not resisted consciously, to the spoken area to begin to relax. Coordination of the body is based on similar control we have over our body, of which capacity can be expanded by exercising yoga, martial arts, survival training, dancing or for instance different sexual techniques in adult life.

Henry M. Piironen is a contemporary philosopher and a humanist who considers religious values to be universal and invaluable for generations of ethical development. He has also studied closely the representational sense of reality, human brain anatomy, complex adaptive systems, memetics, existentialism and is the creator of the philosophy of cultural continuums, published for free through EzineArticles.com. To learn the universal and deeply rooted wisdom from 1361 quotations, collected from Buddhism: The Dhammapada, The Diamond Sutra, The Lankavatara Sutra; Christianity: The New Testament; Confucianism: Confucian Analects, The Doctrine of the Mean, The Great Learning; Hinduism: The Bhagavad Gita; Taoism: Tao Te Ching, purchase his latest book Divinity the Amazon bookstore now.

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