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How to Get Your Site Unbanned by Google

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2010-03-16 07:25:23     
Article by Tan KC

Most websites receive a majority of their traffic from Google and getting penalized or banned by them is the last thing we would ever imagine.. Having said that, there are situations where things are outside of our control such as acquiring a banned domain name for example. If you suspect that your site may has been banned by Google, read on and I will teach you how to have your site appear on Google Search results again.

First, you have to make sure that your site is really banned by Google. A very common mistake made by most people is that they thought a drop in ranking is actually some kind of banning taking place. The truth is decreased in ranking is not concrete enough to say that your site is banned. Search Engine (especially Google) changes their algorithm regularly and it is very common to experience fluctuation in your Search Engine ranking positions (SERP).

A better way to ensure that you are really banned by Google is to do a site:www.mydomainname.com command in Google. Assuming my domain is mydomainname.com, and there are active hyperlinks pointing to this site from other places for at least a few weeks, there should be results showing for this query. If you see no results returned, then it means the site is banned - and you need to submit a reconsideration request to Google.

Information you need to include for reconsideration request to Google

First, you need to be aware that you are submitting to real people in Google who will look at your request. So try to get into details and elaborate more when appropriate. You need to tell them some background about your site. For example, is this a new domain name that you just bought over? It is also useful at this point of time to tell them what quality guidelines you think you have violated.

Second, tell them what have you done to rectify the problem. If you have been selling text links, have you change the links to nofollow relationship? Or have you removed them entirely? It is also good to give them the actual URL to take a look.

Third, thank them for the time and effort to look into your request. A little appreciation would not hurt anyway.

The following are steps that you should do to start sending a request:

1. Login to your Google Webmaster Account.

2. Add and verify your site if you have yet to do so.

3. Go to google.com/webmasters/tools/reconsideration

All the best to your reconsideration request!

TAN KC is a Singapore SEO consultant with several years of related experiences. His advice has helped several Webmasters to increase their SERP. He has clients of different industries such as computer game controllers and antioxidant foods.

Specialized in: Computer Game Controllers
URL: http://www.computergamecontrollers.net
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