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             28 September, 2023

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Wealth Manifestation - Does it Work?

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2010-03-15 06:36:28     
Article by Nancy Stremmel

We sometimes are looking for something specific. When we don't see it we think that we've either made a mistake or we've been cheated. With the Law of Attraction, our desires are often fulfilled in non-specific ways. Yet, if you keep faith, you will attract all you desire. Napoleon Hill called it perseverance.

The Law of Attraction Always Works, provided....

Ah, there is a deal maker or breaker. You have to believe that this will work. This is known as allowing and this is generally believed to be the hardest part.

You don't just have to believe it with your conscious mind, but also with your unconscious mind. And, your Ego doesn't want you to get involved or certainly, to stay involved. When you believe in miracles, your Ego is no longer necessary. It is self preservation for your Ego to make you feel doubt. When you become a spiritual master, your Ego is no longer necessary. When you learn to live in the present moment, your Ego can't even find you.

You Ego is part of the third dimension where past and future play a larger part in a life than the present, or NOW as Eckhart Tolle would call it. However, the NOW is where all miracles happen. The NOW is where you feel joy or empathy, love or peace.

It is in the NOW when you feel competence, security, mastery and connection to your higher mind. When you are in this state of being, you are in the 4th dimension. In the 4th dimension co-creation or manifesting can easily be achieved. In the 3rd dimension things are heavy and dense. There is little manifestation occurring because there is fear and hatred, anger and jealousy. With these emotions you cannot exist in the 4th dimension.

So, the Law of Attraction always works provided you can stay in the NOW.

Meditation Helps You to See Whether or Not You Are in the NOW

Meditation is a great help for learning to stay in the NOW, and thus the 4th dimension where manifestation is more immediate.

Many, if not all, meditation systems teach you to attend to your breathing. This connects you to your body and to each new moment as it unfolds. While attending to your breathing, you are not retelling a story from the past that re-ignites anger or some other negative feeling. While attending to your breathing, you are not worrying about some non-existent future. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out.

Byron Katie explains in The Work that every negative emotion is based on some story that you tell yourself. And each of these stories separates you from reality. Each of these stories shows how we are attempting to control other people. The parent who complains that his children don't do their homework, wants his children to do their homework. If he weren't complaining and telling this story from the past, he might be inspired to find another way of enticing them into doing their homework.

Meditation gives you this time to ask for help from your higher mind and the quiet allows you to hear the answer. Meditation also takes you to the Alpha brainwave pattern, or deeper, and in this state you are better able to visualize your desire in a way that will be instantly accepted by your subconscious.

Once your subconscious has the image of you having achieved your desire, it will set to work to manifest it. This is when your energy (frequency vibratory rate) begins to form the matching particles of matter.

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