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             03 July, 2020

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Best Treatment For Eczema - Should You Go to a Doctor For It?

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2010-03-14 08:25:54     
Article by Anu A.

Most people are willing to go to any length in order to get the best treatment for eczema. They want immediate and permanent relief from this skin condition that can take a heavy toll on ones social and professional like.

Medical science has not been able to find a complete cure for this skin ailment. Doctors have thrown their hands up in defeat as the disease keeps cropping up in spite of their best efforts to subdue it. The reason that doctors cannot offer you the best treatment for eczema is that current medical science can only hope to treat the symptoms of this ailment.

The reasons for eczema are unclear but it is believed to be immunological in nature. As a result of this, doctors are quick to prescribe corticosteroids to bring down the inflammation. They definitely have an immediate and magical effect of suppressing your disease but it only lies dormant and erupts the moment you go off the medications.

You cannot be expected to take corticosteroids over the long term because of their well documented side effects. You can permanently damage your skin because of these medicines. In addition, your body is left defenseless against bacterial and fungal infections as your immunity has been artificially suppressed.
If you have an extreme case of eczema your doctor might attempt to treat you with immunomodulators but this is extremely hazardous. These drugs are still being studied for their link to cancer and so are best avoided.

Even the medicines doctors prescribe to reduce the itching and burning sensations caused by eczema are harmful in the long run. It is perfectly reasonable to use antihistamines for a short period, but since doctors cannot cure this disease you can expect to be on these medications for the long term, with their potential for causing dependency.

Many people do not like having antibiotics as well because it is well known that bacteria quickly become drug resistant, leaving you with no further options for treatment.

These are the reasons that people no longer believe that doctors have the best treatment for eczema. They are turning to natural and home remedies in large numbers as these are the only treatments that work for the simple reason that they attack eczema at its root cause.

Wouldn't you want to switch to the best treatment for eczema as well? You will be rewarded with a healthy skin and better health in a few short weeks.

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