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             18 August, 2022

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Why choose of organic skin products for new born babies

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2010-03-10 08:04:45     
Article by organic skin care products

Why choose of organic skin products for new born babies
Some skin expert's say that an overwhelming number of babies born each year, suffer from skin conditions within the first few months of life. They suspect that this is down to potentially harmful chemicals which are found in a growing number of products, which are specially designed to soften the Child's skin.

It is thought that most parents wash their babies four times a week and they shampoo their newborn baby's hair three times a week. They do not realize that a baby's skin does not need much washing as it takes quite a while to mature and the outer layer of the skin is sensitive to chemicals. Ideally you should only really wash your baby occasionally in a little warm water.

Ordinary products such as talc can contain particles which actually irritate the baby's skin instead of softening it, and all bubble baths should not be used. So what should you use instead? Luckily there are some excellent organic skin baby care products available, and not all of them cost a fortune!

If your child does have a skin condition already, there are baby care products out there which can cure the condition. You can buy specialized organic body wash which is mild on the baby's skin, but tough on irritable skin conditions.

You can tell which products are organic as most do not have any aroma. You can however buy Organic Skin Care & Eco baby products which contain essential oils that provide a nice, strong fragrance, and these are perfectly safe. Also, all Organic Skin Care & Eco baby products are alcohol free. You may find it hard to believe, but alcohol is actually found in quite a lot of baby skin care products and it can be extremely irritating to the skin. Actually, it is one of the leading causes of dry skin conditions in babies as it strips the skin of essential moisture.

When looking at ordinary baby skin care Organic products you may notice some vegetable oil ingredients in them. The misconception is that vegetable oils are great for the skin, and they often are in certain circumstances. Are however in these kinds of products they generally solvent extracted and an example of an oil to avoid is Peanut Oil.

The best thing about Organic baby Skin Care & Eco Products is that they are free from all pesticides and insecticides which unfortunately some shop bought products are not. Some products contain an ingredient which has been taken from sheep's wool and some sheep have been exposed to pesticides, and often there are some pesticides present in the products. This can potentially be harmful to a babies skin so always be careful!

Generally Organic Skin Care & Eco baby products are definitely better to go for and you should be able to find them in quite a few heath stores and if you cannot find them there, you can find a massive selection online. A baby's skin is extremely sensitive and whilst some products are especially designed with their skin type in mind, they still do not remove any chemicals from their products. You can never be 100% certain if chemicals will irritate your baby so why take the risk?
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