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             18 August, 2022

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Teeth Whitening Dangers Are Real

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2010-03-07 05:48:44     
Article by Morgan Wilson

Teeth whitening dangers are real and can cover up the symptoms of potentially dangerous health conditions among other things. Before you embark on that journey to get gleaming white teeth understand that teeth whitening pain can happen.

Whether you opt for a professional teeth whitening treatment or use a home-bleaching tray, if you know what to expect before you begin and don't get carried away or obsessed with getting "ultra-white" teeth, you can reduce the risks.

Here's a brief look at some teeth whitening dangers:

1. You may cover up or mask decay or gum disease. If your teeth and gums are not healthy before you start bleaching or if you do not practice good oral hygiene you are essentially putting a patch on a leaky roof when in fact you should replace the roof itself.

2. You could become a "bleachorexic." In other words, bleaching your teeth too much could lead to obsessive behavior. Although this side effect is an extreme example, like anorexia nervosa, this form of behavior in some instances can be classified as a type of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a condition where a person has a distorted view of one's features.

3. You may also experience tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, bluish enamel, or uneven whiteness. Sensitivity occurs as a result of chemical reactions in the enamel of the tooth. Some people only experience mild sensitivity while others experience severe discomfort.

4. You may misapply or misuse a home-bleaching kit. A worst case scenario is when you have a crack or filling in the tooth and the bleach enters into the nerve chamber of the tooth (the pulp) which can lead to severe pain and require treatment.

5. Depending on the amount of carbamide peroxide used in the whitening gels, you may experience "zingers" described by dentist as sharp pains in the teeth that can last several minutes and occur without warning.

So, does this mean that you should not whiten your teeth? Of course not. Any type of peroxide-based teeth whitening procedure is subject to risks. The key is to consult with your dentist before you begin any type of procedure and follow his or her advice or the directions on the product label.

An alternative approach is to try natural teeth whiteners or whitening teeth naturally with products you probably have in your kitchen or bathroom. The bottom line is that teeth whitening dangers do not have to get in the way of you obtaining a healthy white smile.

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