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             24 October, 2020

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Dial in Your Healthcare Job Hunt! Most Overlooked Healthcare Professions

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2010-03-07 05:48:31     
Article by Lisa Jenkins

Some people may be discouraged by the prospect of spending lots of time and money to become a physician or surgeon, but what many people may not realize is that there are scores of healthcare professions in various fields that can be just as rewarding. Anyone aspiring for a career in the medical field should not be dismayed by the current economic environment - given the growing aging population, there are more and more people who need health care and jobs are always opening up for those with a passion for helping others.

Take for instance acupuncturists. To many, getting acupuncture treatment is not simply a luxury. It can help people quit smoking, treat ailments such as arthritis and other relieves aches and pains. Those who are interested in traditional Chinese medicine and herbal remedies may be perfect candidates for this job and in the past few years, the demand for trained and certified acupuncturists has grown steadily due to an increasing elderly population and patients' interests in pursuing methods of treatment that were not acknowledged as genuinely remedial until recently.

You have no doubt seen many advertisements, news articles and health-related documents regarding proper eating and exercise. Rather than peddling 'diet pills' or making false promises, another overlooked career is that of the dietician or nutritionist. Again, this industry is booming as the number of people in the United States with weight-related health issues continues to grow. Dieticians and nutritionists don't push gimmicks or pills to help their patients - they provide sound advice regarding eating habits and daily food preparation. Keep in mind that this field is not limited to helping those who are simply overweight. Many patients have special needs such as lowering their blood pressure or cholesterol levels. That said, there are a number of specialized fields that may be of great interest to you. In a society where everyone is justifiably conscious of the quantity and quality of food they eat and amount of exercise they get, this can be a very lucrative profession.

Not every healthcare profession requires you to work in a laboratory or in a hospital either. There are opportunities for those who wish to telecommute to work from home. For example, in a largely globalized economy, medical translators are now a hot commodity because professionals are constantly communicating across the world and it's imperative that a professional from one country has access to resources and information provided by a professional from another where they may not speak the same language. Of course, if you would like to become a medical translator you must be completely fluent in at least two languages and be very familiar with medical terminology in both.

Another exciting career worthy of consideration is an occupational health and safety specialist. Many people are unaware of some of the dangers they may face in the workplace. However, as this issue becomes pressing on the minds of workers and more predominant in the media, the growth in this job market is growing. An occupational health and safety specialists go to work places to asses certain unnecessary dangers workers may face while on the job. Most of their time is spent evaluating workplaces to ensure they meet health and safety standards, but another major aspect of this position is recording any infractions or potential risks discovered. While this field may have been dismissed or overlooked in the past, it is certainly one worth looking into as work safety awareness has become an important factor in any working environment.

Health care professions include a lot more than becoming a doctor or a nurse. Lisa Jenkins, expert writer for JobMonkey.com provides information about acupuncture jobs and other career options for people who want to work in this field. If your interest lies in the field of dispensing medications and providing advice to customers, check out the information provided about how to become a pharmacist posted on the site.

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