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             23 May, 2022

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How to Do an Energetic Healing

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2010-03-04 05:45:32     
Article by Demetra Vanwyk

I am so happy that I know the knowledge of healing with the divine. It brings me such joy to share with others and help them through transitional periods with my gift.

The subject of this article is a description of how I do a energetic healing. When a healee sits in front of me I say a prayer to the divine and ask them if they would like a healing and what they would like they healing to be on. I close my eyes and bring them to a healing vibration.

With my eyes closed I look for blockages in and around their body and I look at how they communicate with their body. Then I decide where I am going to work. With their spirit or with their body first.

Everyone is different in how they will receive a healing so I look for how they receive a spiritual hello. Giving and Receiving a spiritual hello is the first step in a energetic healing. Then I look for their own personal healing vibrational color and with the divine energy from within I shine light on the blockage wherever that may be and help them move it out of their personal space and help them bring their healing vibrational color where the blockage was.

I watch how their space reacts to the healing and if they need help in another area I will repeat the same procedure. Sometimes the Divine takes over and I become a spirit holding the space for the healee to receive the healing.

My intent as a healer is to help the healee awaken light within so they can see their truth and make informed decisions about change on their spiritual path.

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