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             20 March, 2023

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Truck Leasing - What's it About?

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2010-03-02 04:01:50     
Article by T Donofrio

Lease this, lease that, lease another. Just the word, "lease" make's me feel like the word "rent" to me. When I hear the word lease, I think it's a cheap way to get something you can not afford any other way.

So here is your chance to be a owner operator, or a chance to be a truck renter, what the difference the both have a payment. Ah yes, there is quite a difference in truck leasing so lets discuss this.

Leasing a truck for a owner operator is usually easy because of low down payment or no down payment. Own your own truck sounds catchy but is a lease what you want? For many drivers, I have heard some night mares about leasing a truck from a company. Basically they dangle the carrot in your face, while beating you over the head when you are not looking.

If you are interested in leasing you need to be really be careful and read a copy of your lease before you sign it. Ask for a copy of your truck lease, before you sign it, take it home and read it over and over again Here are just some complaints I here from other truck drivers with leases. Limited mileage with heavy additional fees after that quota, NO return of your escrow funds that the company holds, improper deductions, cannot just walk away form your lease as they told you. There is literally lawsuits on the books over fraud and dishonesty from some of these companies leasing trucks.

I can tell you who to contact about difference truck leasing cases is the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) they will give you an ear full of information on truck leasing cases against big trucking companies. this information could keep you out of harm way.

We would also suggest you joining the (OOIDA) there is nothing wrong with a group of truckers joining together
such as the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers. Let me leave you with this because we want you to be your own trucker, with out getting hurt.

So of these big companies have people that have nothing to do, but to come up with different way's, to benefit there company, by preying on other people's heart ship and making another buck from it. Do not become a statistic investigate heavily before you lease a tractor from any company.

We will be doing more article on this topics in the future, you can join our free monthly newsletter if you like so you do not miss out on any of our articles simply fill out the forms on this blog.

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