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             28 January, 2021

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Take the Two Day a Week Healthy Seafood Meals Challenge

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2010-02-19 22:32:48     
Article by Allie Moxley

By now, if you haven't caught on to the inefficiency of diet plans and starvation techniques, it's not time to get with a new program, it's just time to get with the program. People today are faced with the tough task of decoding nutrition facts and ingredient lists that for all intensive purposes are written in an alien language, in making decisions about what is okay to feed not only themselves, but their families. It can be a full time effort deciding which packaged chemical goods, foods and preservatives pass the "non-toxic" test, and so many would-be health nuts just give up. One easy fix for the seven syllable ingredient problem is to skip the packaging altogether, and look instead at fresh, natural foods. Making just small changes several nights a week can actually change the way you and your family feel when it comes to health, nutrition and fitness. If fresh, nutritious meals that take less than 30 minutes to prepare sound too good to be true, challenge yourself to try this two-day-a-week frozen seafood health plan.

The first step is making your usual weekly trip to the grocery store, and including a few simple seafood items. Feel free to buy frozen seafood to last for the full month, since "fresh frozen," or frozen immediately after harvesting, seafood will keep in the freezer for up to six months from purchase. As a starter guide, look for fish high in Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals like Alaska Salmon, Alaska Halibut and Alaska Pollock. As a rule of thumb, Alaska seafood packs more nutritional punch, and has better taste, texture and quality due to its rearing in Alaska's icy cold, pure, natural waters.

When preparing frozen seafood, there is no thawing required, and therefore no need to plan dinners days in advance. With just a quick rinse under cold water to remove any ice and glaze from frozen seafood is ready to hit the pan, or the grill, depending on your meal idea. Cooking techniques vary from steaming and poaching, to grilling, roasting, sautéing and boiling. Try beginning with simple meal ideals like Alaska salmon sandwiches, made with salmon steaks heated over a skillet for about 10 minutes with your choice of toppings like lettuce, onions, and mayonnaise. For kids, work your way up to Alaska halibut with apple glaze, or add an Asian flare with Alaska cod in miso broth with udon noodles. Remember when cooking frozen seafood to always use a non-stick, non-burning vegetable cooking oil like olive oil, and to avoid alternatives like butter and sunflower seed oil. Go online for great recipe ideas, add lots of fresh veggies, and see how your family can look and feel different in no time with a fresh frozen seafood based food plan.

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