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             26 November, 2020

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Helping a Depressed Friend

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2010-02-19 22:32:43     
Article by Andrew Capster

Because of the high rate of depression in the country right now, you will most likely know someone experiencing clinical depression. When you are faced with a person who you believe is in this situation, do you know what to do?

It is important for everyone to know how to handle people with clinical depression. You never know, you might be the person who saved someone from suicide.

If a friend of yours walks up to you and tells you how depressed they are, do not tell him to just get over it and change the topic. Instead, ask the person what makes him feel that way.

When he starts sharing his emotions and feelings, try not to but during the conversation and offer unsolicited advice. Sometimes, these people just need someone they could pour their heart out to and not someone who would lecture them on what they should do instead.

If you feel like your friend is on the brink of going suicidal or if he talks about suicide, do not ignore it. Try to keep him company until such time that you know he is feeling better.

If the person says he does not want to talk about it, that means he really does not want to. Offer comfort by just being there with him during this tough time and save your curiosity for later.

Little do you know that just by being there for someone, you might actually be saving a person's life. Most people suffering depression find a little ray of hope when they find someone they can talk to who understands their feelings. Try to be that person.

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