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             27 July, 2021

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The Tarnished Facts of Silver

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2010-02-17 10:46:44     
Article by Lawrence Reaves

Silver is used in many things and for many reasons. Pure silver is extremely soft and when mixed with other alloys it is used in jewelry. It has been used for water purification because it prevents bacteria growth. It is a good alternative to harmful chemicals like chlorine and bromine. The precious metal can also be used as an explosive, which is called silver fulminate. It was believed to be effective against werewolves.

The symbol for silver is Ag, and it is used in jewelry, ornaments, tableware, electrical conductors and contacts, film and cavity fillings. It is also used in antibiotics and batteries. This metal is one of the first metals known to man and when it is mixed with hydrogen in will tarnish. Of all known metals pure silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity.

Silver was first discovered about 5000 years ago and is a white, lustrous element. It occurs naturally as a pure free metal. Silver is being used in paper used in the medical profession because of its antibiotic like characteristics. Silver iodide is used to make clouds produce rain. It used to be used in filling cavities but now dentists are using clear fillings that do not contain silver.

Silver like gold, is very ductile and malleable and has a brilliant white metallic luster that can take a high degree of polishing. It's is not a chemically active metal but if it is mixed with the hydrogen in the air it will tarnish. Silver is the highest conductor of electricity and heat out of all the elements and is stable in water.

You might be surprised to know that silver has been around almost as long as gold. The name silver comes from the Anglo Saxon word "seolfor" and the symbol AG comes from the Latin word argentum. Silver has been used to protect against bacteria and germs since the time of Chinese emperors. Some food in India can be found decorated with a thin layer of silver, which is known as Varnak. A large portion of silver is used for making coins and money. It has been coined since 700 BC. Silver is harder than gold but softer than copper.

It has been highly regarded by empires for thousands of years. It can be stretched and can be bent into different shapes. Silver used to be the metal of choice for coins but since it is so expensive, nickel is used instead in most coins that are made in the United States today. The metal is used to back mirrors because it is an extremely efficient reflector of light.

Silver has been around for thousands of centuries and has been used in a variety of applications and products. It is believed that early civilizations began mining for silver sometime around 3000 BC. Today silver is still mined and used by many different cultures and for many different purposes. Gold and silver have been around for centuries and will probably always be a part of our culture.

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