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             14 May, 2021

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Car Cover Advantage

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2010-02-10 05:03:48     
Article by Ryan Draving

Anyone who has been at a store lately to buy products to clean their car will be amazed at all the different names and products available. It can be a little overwhelming at first unless you know a few basics about car care products. This is especially true when looking for car wax. Manufacturers of car products use a variety of different names to try to catch your attention including polish, glaze and wax.

Waxing your car is a very important step in maintaining your car's paint finish. The wax puts a protective coating between the car's paint finish and harmful elements that can attack the paint. To double protect your car from the elements you should wax it regularly and use a custom car cover to protect it when not in use.

A car cover that is specifically designed for your car's body style and shape with help to ensure your car is protected. There are many things that can harm your paint job, including, severe weather conditions, the harmful rays of the sun and bird droppings. By double protecting your car with a wax job and using a car cover your car will be protected both when you are driving and when the vehicle is not in use.

Sometimes it is hard to tell what a car product is exactly designed to do by just looking at the name. A wax is a layer of protection and has no abrasives for cleaning or polishing. Even though waxing provides a shine to the paint it doesn't improve the paint surface at all. This means if the car had a dull finish before you waxed the car it will still look dull after the waxing.

Even though a product is called car wax, sometimes these products don't actually have any wax in them at all. A lot of car care products today have synthetic formulas that have silicone and polymers in them. This helps the product to spread easily and to provide durability.

It is important to remember that the waxing of the car should be the last step to protect your car's paint. You should use any type of paint cleaners or polishes before you wax the car. The wax is there to put a protective layer over the entire car body. If you are unsure you can ask someone at the auto store which would be best for your needs. It is also good to read the labels on the products to see what they are designed for.

Just make sure you use caution and you should be wary of products that over promise what it actually does. If a wax claims to make any car's paint finish look like new and doesn't contain any cleaning ingredients it will just gloss over the old paint. You can easily find what you need if you read the labels and ask for assistance.

By washing and waxing your vehicle routinely and covering it with a custom car cover when not in use will help keep your car looking brand new for a long time.

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