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             22 September, 2023

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Best Way to Start Your SEO Campaign

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2010-02-09 06:41:36     
Article by Ahmad Wali

I receive so many questions about how to start an SEO campaign? Where to start my SEO campaign? Some of the people already own a website and they wanted to start SEO campaign to get the desired results for their web business. You might get a lot of suggestions hire an SEO company or a freelancer to start. And if you have some knowledge about SEO and you want to do it yourself, just keep the simple points in your mind. Even you do not have to hire expensive SEO companies to do optimization on your websites, but if you have a good budget hire a good SEO.

Keep it Simple KISS SEO

When you start doing optimization do not go for big things, if you start with simple tasks first it would be very helpful. In other words, use the KISS formula to keep everything simple, some of the companies create some aggressive campaigns or some campaign which require extra; they are actually trying to get a customer.

Research Your Keywords

First of all research your keywords, what is your niche? If you have purchased the domain or you have a website already, look for your niche and keywords. Use some tools to research the keywords Google AdWords tools is best and you can also use Google Trends to see the search popularity. If you are purchasing a domain, go for keyword rich domain after defining your keywords. Choosing the best keywords will help you get the desired results if you use long tail keywords as compared to short one it will help you get the results more quickly.

Set 301 Permanent Redirect

If you are moving to a new domain set a 301 permanent redirect on your old domain, it will help you to keep the rankings. If you use 301 permanent redirect it is Google friendly and start link building on new domain. You can also set a 301 redirect on some of the keyword rich domains as well to get the advantage.

Ahmad Wali is an SEO, SEM, SMM Expert and Online Marketer providing services as a freelancer, Read the full blog post on SEO Tips.

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