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Very Useful German Phrases

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2010-02-07 05:37:57     
Article by Waqar Awan

German language is the most prominent member of the Germanic sub class of the Indo-European languages. Germanic is the same sub class to which English also belongs. No surprise then that English has close affinity with German. German is spoken by about 125 Million people worldwide. It is primarily spoken in Germany and Austria but sizable native speakers also exist in Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic and Poland. It is one of the easiest languages to pronounce since it has well defined rules of pronunciation and there are very few exceptions. For instance "EI" is pronounced as ei in die and "IE" is pronounced as ee as in sweet. The alphabet V is always pronounced as F for instance vater is German for father but pronounced as fater. The letter S is pronounced as Z and Z is pronounces as S in German. It follows from above that it is fairly easy to read German language. As for the spoken, following is a very short but useful list of phrases of every day use to be applied when visiting a German speaking country for any purpose.

English German Pronunciation

Excuse me - Entschuldigung - ehntshooldeegoong
Hello - Guten Tag - gooten tahg
Good morning - Guten Morgen - gooten moargan
How? - Wie? - vee
How are you? - Wie geht es Ihnen? - wee gahyt ehss eehnern
Yes - Ja - yar
No - Nein - niyn
Please - Bitte - bitter
Thank you - Danke - dang-ker
Very well, thanks - Danke, gut - dang-ker goot
Do you speak English? - Sprechen Sie Englisch? - shpresh-en zee eng-lish
I don't understand - Ich verstehe nicht - ish fair-shtay-er nixht
I don't know - Ich weiß nicht - ish viyss nixht
Can you help me? - Können Sie mir behilflich sein? - kern-en zee meer be-hilf-lish ziyn
Please write it down - Bitte schreiben Sie es auf - bitt-er shriy-ben zee ess owf
I am/We are - Ich bin/Wir sind - ish bin/veer zint
Here is/are - Hier ist/sind - heer ist/zint
I want/We want - Ich will/Wir wollen - ish vill/veer voll-en
I have/We have - Ich habe/Wir haben - ish har-ber/veer har-ben
Hello/Good evening - Hallo/Guten Abend - hal-lo/goot-en ar-bent
Goodbye - Auf Wiedersehen - owf vee-der-zay-en
Good night - Gute Nacht - goot-er naxht
Sorry - Entschuldigung - ent-shool-dig-oong
Leave me alone - Lassen Sie mich in Ruhe - lass-en zee mixh in roo-er
Where? - Wo? - voe
When? - Wann? - van
How? - Wie? - vee
Why? - Warum? - va-room
Who? - Wer? - vair
Which? - Welches? - vel-shes
Where is...? - Wo ist...? - voe ist....
How much? - Wie viel? - vee-feel
How many? - Wie viele? - vee feel-er
What's that? - Was ist das? - vass ist dass
I'd like... - Ich hätte gern... - ish hett-er gairn...
I want... - Ich möchte... - ish merxht-er
I like it - Es gefällt mir - ess ge-felt meer
I don't like it - Es gefällt mir nicht - ess ge-felt meer nixht
OK/Agreed - In Ordnung/Einverstanden - in ord-noong/iyn-fer-shtan-den
That's fine - Das ist gut - dass ist goot

If you observe some of the sentences like "Was ist das?" and "Das ist gut", you will certainly find a close resemblance with English. Learing German therefore is not a big deal. That is why German and English are sometimes called cousin languages.

Waqar Awan is a platinum level writer. His hobbies include reading books and writing articles about Climate and Weather, History, Geography, Religion, Self Help, Self improvement, Vocabulary skills, linguistics and other topics of general interest. Waqar Awan has more than 10 years of experience of writing articles and many of his articles have also been published in various journals internationally.

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