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Why You Should Learn Infant Massage

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2010-02-02 07:04:19     
Article by Collette Schildkraut

Infant Massage is a wonderful way to get to know your baby, to understand their body language and develop a life long relationship. To be able to understand a look or interpret a cry with confidence is a wonderful thing.

Infant Massage has been used in many ancient cultures, passed down from mother to daughter. Many cultures around the world like India, still use it today as part of a baby's daily routine

Touch is an integral part of our health. We seem to have lost this in modern society. Too often babies are carried at arms length in a car seat, or pushed in a stroller facing away from the parent. We are constantly telling young children not to touch and "Keep your hands to yourself." Many children are spending days with caregivers as both parents work. Infant Massage is relatively new to the US. Vimala Scneider McClure brought it to the US from India in the 70's, after she had seen it's positive effects. It was used daily to calm a baby's chi or vital energy.

Now many parents are taking classes. Hospitals are jumping on the baby wagon and are also teaching classes to new parents. Amazingly Preemies who receive massage daily averaged a 47% greater weight gain per day. Meaning they get to leave the neonatal unit much quicker.

Benefits include a loving intimate connection. Increased eye contact and listening skills. Healthy digestion and elimination. Infant Massage also reduces gas and colic and allows the baby to sleep better... Ah wouldn't that be nice! Massage has also shown these babies have an extra sense of self-confidence as they grow.

Benefits for parents include enhanced communication and emotional ties. Increased confidence and handling skills. For working parents this is a valuable tool, to help reconnect with baby and relieve the day's stress. It's also a great way for dads to connect with baby if they are at work all day.

This is an amazing tool for working parents and adoptive parents. Mothers with postnatal depression are helped tremendously with this parenting tool as well.

The steps are easily learned and you'll have them at your fingertips for additional children. Infant Massage is soothing to both baby and parent.

Oh and did I mention improved sleeping!

Check out if there are local classes near you and experience these amazing benefits. Both parent and baby will love it.

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