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             26 June, 2022

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Are Good Psychics Hard to Find? The Straight Scoop on Finding Real Psychics

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2010-01-25 04:57:45     
Article by Danny Fredricks

Are good psychics difficult to find? Are there more mediocre or POOR psychics out there than genuinely gifted ones? And what is the best way to locate real, authentic intuitive's without spending a fortune? Any of these questions sound familiar? If they do.....you are NOT alone!

The simple truth is that finding good psychics is often easier said than done, and many people have wasted tons of time, energy and effort on psychic experiences FAR worse than those they deserve, simply because they DON'T know the right questions to ask BEFORE hiring a reader to begin with. Curious to know more? Great....continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Okay.....but aren't all psychics created equal?

Absolutely not! The truth is that psychic abilities can vary as dramatically as any other natural talent, including athletic, musical, artistic or otherwise. In other words....just like there are superstars in just about every field or achievement or ability, so too are there similar superstars in the psychic arena as well. While there are many people with "the gift"....if you truly want a transcendently great reading, you need to find the very "best of the best" to get one for sure!

Are great psychics 100% accurate all of the time?

Absolutely NOT! And to expect this, is to NOT have a good understanding of how psychic ability works. The truth is, a psychic is only reading your OWN energy, intuition and inherent insight. They then filter this through the prism of their own perspective (and personality) and get a picture of your path...both where you've been, where you are AND where you're going! In the end, some images come through very clearly...and others may require more interpretation to nail down correctly.

But the key is...a good psychic will get MUCH more right than wrong and will often use MORE of the gift, and less of their "personality" to filter out what they see. Alternatively...an average psychic uses less "gift" and MORE of their own personality and perspective...which is often what will color a reading wrong. (because they are relying on the normal senses to glean the information, rather than the psychic senses instead)

Can you find real psychics online...or on the telephone?

Absolutely! And to be honest.....some of the best readings I've had personally, in over 18 years of psychic reading, writing and research...have come more recently, since the widespread availability of world class readings through online networks. Remember.....just like every other service based enterprise, good psychics are professionals! And that means that they will go where they can truly show OFF their talents.......and be available to the widest possible audience of people who can appreciate their abilities...without having to travel half way around the world to see them in person!

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