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             14 May, 2021

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How to Claim Compensation for Whiplash Injury

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2010-01-24 06:50:09     
Article by Sara Gray

If you want to claim compensation for whiplash injury, you need to make sure that the incident was caused by another party. What are whiplash injuries? Whiplash injuries are injuries to the muscle and neck caused by an accident. Most of the time victims suffer such injuries in car accidents.

Whiplash injuries often show signs after an accident, even after a long time. You should always be vigilant enough to go to a doctor whenever you suffer any kind of accidents. Obtain a detailed report about the extent of your injuries from the medical representative. This will be good evidence when you claim for compensation for whiplash injury in the future. The total amount that you'll get for your claim depends on the seriousness of your whiplash injury and the doctor's statement will help to decide.

Insurance companies at present are sustaining loss financially because of fake whiplash claims. Some insurance companies create their own panel of doctors to examine the claimant in order for them to avoid being scammed. Everyone has the right to be assessed after any kind of whiplash incident.

Always bear in mind that if you want to claim compensation for whiplash injuries, you must file your case within three years after the accident date. But if the symptoms develop later than three years and your doctor approves that the pain you feeling is because of the accident that happened a long time ago, then you can ask for damages within the knowledge of the reason of your injury and pain. The medical certificate from the doctors will establish that your whiplash injury claim is authentic and lawful.

In the UK, claim companies and personal injury solicitors provide a no win no fee service for victims claiming for whiplash injuries. This agreement allows you not to be required to pay your solicitor's fee whether you win or lose your case. In case, you win you will get the full compensation awarded. You may be thinking who pays your solicitors fees? The negligent party's insurance company will pay your solicitor fees.

Often insurance companies of the liable party approach the claimant to settle the claim easily and quickly. But more often than not they only make low settlements. Some people fall for this strategy because they can come up with the money soon enough. But always bear in mind that you are entitled to a much bigger compensation that you deserve. Always refer to your personal injury solicitor about the amount of compensation you have the right to get so you won't be tricked by these insurance companies.

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