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             24 September, 2020

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Driving the Ball - The Cure For Your Massive Slice

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2010-01-21 04:38:14     
Article by Mark P Warner

That little white ball sure can cause a lot of frustration if we let it. One avenue in which this can occur is when we choose to drive the ball. Instead of heading straight for where we aimed, it takes on the characteristics of a Frisbee and slices off to the right into some form of roughage. Fortunately, we may be able to fix this with a minimum of fuss.

Let's start with the basics. What is a slice. It is perhaps the most common of golf problems. It occurs when one tries to drive the ball. The ball will usually take off to the side your body is on when striking the ball and then start bending off to the opposite side. Slices are actually a tactical shot for the professionals on certain holes, but most of us are just making a mistake when hitting them.

The first step to fixing the slice is to think about baseball. If you watch baseball, you'll see someone strike out. The announcer will state that this occurred because the batter did not keep their shoulder in. As a result, they rotated their body too quickly and had a pull stroke. This is also the most common reason for slicing the golf ball. You are either lining up facing to far to the left or are swinging too hard and pulling away from the ball just before striking it. To fix this, try practicing your swing slowly. Turn into the ball and practice just bringing the club down and driving directly through the ball.

There may, however, be a second problem. To drive the ball hard and straight, many people logically assume they need to come up behind the ball. To put this theory into motion, they position the ball to far forward on the tee or stand too far behind it. As a result, the ball is struck as you are coming out of the sweet part of the swing. This results in a pulling motion towards the body and off goes the ball in a beautiful, if unintended, slice. To fix this, try moving your stance forward.

There can be other reasons a player slices the ball, but these tend to be the two most common ones. Adjust for them and you may just be driving the ball where you actually want it to go. Imagine that!

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