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             14 May, 2021

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Where Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Your Education and Experience Matter

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2010-01-18 06:57:41     
Article by Shane Alan Watson

Doctors, nurses and techs work to provide the patient with the most up-to-date and professional level of care available. However, none do it to the degree of those who work Emergency Medical Jobs. The Emergency Department has access to almost every asset the hospital has to offer.

Emergency Department Jobs require critical thinking, problem solving, and the wisdom to make life and death decisions almost instantly. Using the tools provided by the hospital, your education, experience and natural abilities, you will often be the difference between a patient living and a family grieving. While working in the medical field in general can be rewarding an fulfilling, none compares to being there when the patient can't live without the skills and experience you bring to the table.

In the United States, there are over 5,000 Hospital Emergency Departments. Around 1,000 of them are in designated Trauma 1 Centers. These facilities have among the highest rate of turnover in the medical field. Hard working and dedicated medical professionals accept Emergency Medical Jobs because they want to make a difference. Those who stay in the Emergency Department do so because they know they can. They get to do a job that most people can't do, even those who have the will and the heart. The line, "it isn't for everyone" was probably coined to describe Emergency Medical Jobs.

You are among those who want to challenge yourself on a daily basis. You would rather not have your day run by an appointment book, passing patient decision on to someone else, or where the ultimate choice you have to make is which brand of the same prescription drug to choose. You don't want to be the medical professional who dials 9-11 anytime a real emergency situation occurs. You want to practice the kind of medicine that the others cannot (or will not) do.

Forget ER, Third Watch, or "reality TV", this is reality as it happens every day. No, not you won't be intubating someone every day. No, CPR usually doesn't bring the patient back (No matter how good the one administering it looks in a swim suit). No, you probably won't get to meet George Clooney or Katherine Heigl (and even if you do, you don't get to tell anyone about it). Yes, you do get to do the one thing that lead you to the medical field in the first place... help people who can't help themselves.

We are looking for those with the drive to do things others don't want to do; the heart to overlook stereotypes and prejudices; the intelligence to make the right decision the first time; and the wisdom to accept outcomes as they happen. We want the best of the new professionals fresh out of medical, nursing and allied health educational programs. We are also out to bring in the seasoned physicians, nurses and techs from all other disciplines. We are here to recruit the best there is. The very heart and soul of what it means to work in medicine.

To learn more about careers in Emergency Medicine, visit the Emergency Medicine Jobs page for more information and how to apply for a job.

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