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             31 October, 2020

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What Happened After 911?

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2010-01-16 07:01:31     
Article by Dennis Shannon Murray

Natural disasters happen all the time; they cannot be avoided. In the winter of 1982, a tremendous snowstorm hit Washington, DC government and private sectors employees were released early, bus and rail system ran at a snails pace if at all; Metro subway train derailed; snow and accidents clogged roads. In the midst of this mad house, there was a clam feeling in the air. Strangers became saviors when they offer some a ride or an overnight stay. The snow frightened us, but it was only snow and we got thought it.

The events of September 11, 2001, a bright sunny day, brought horrific terror to our country. This was not a drill or a snowstorm; it was the real thing - an act of terrorism on our own land. Peace on our land had been compromised. Many were concerned about loved ones; people from all over were running for safety; thousand were stranded at airports across country. No one could have anticipated this happening in the United States. This nation has not witnessed many terrorist acts for crime and violence, but on September 11, 2001, this country was victimized with brutal violence.

Firefighters, police officers, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, (FBI); the Federal Emergency Management Agency; and the America Red Cross descended on New York City, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania, immediately to assist in the rescue efforts. Government Agency and corporations and the national media wireless service was on alert in the metro area and nationally. That day, all government agencies in Washington DC and the nation release thousand of people from work and into the streets to return home or to a safe place. As a media professional sitting on a bench outside USDA in Washington, DC I discovered an elderly lady looking for some release and a way to get home. I was on the cell phone trying to get my sister and brother on the phone that lives in New York City where the first aircraft crashed into the World Trade Center, because my sister frequently visited the building to see her customers.

After hearing from her, I returned my attention to the elderly woman trying to get home like so many others that were frighten because of the terrorist act. We walk as far as Union Station in Washington, DC until a kind gentleman driving a National Institute of Health passenger van that was traveling up North Capital Street to his Rockville, MD location. When the passenger van stops a kind gentleman offer us a ride and a cold beverage on the hot day of fear. We were all grateful for the cold beverage and the ride, but even with the problems we were all facing the people on the bus was friendly and relaxes despite it all.

Now that we have seen the Iraq war and the 32, 000 causalities that put their lives on the line for this county to keep us safe, we wander how our former President Bush moves on with his life when he has destroyed a country with the fear of 911, by encouraging our young people to become soldiers, which have served and worked so hard to keep safe from whom, not Suddan Hussein, because he is deceased. We are strapped now with the cost of a war and the problems that war brought to many of our nation young people and those that we love. These problems have taken our sons, daughter, uncles, nephews, mothers, father, grandfathers, and more. The actions of this war have been even more troublesome to our educational system, which have suffered. We continue to discuss history and what history means to us all for freedom to learn. But our children are not seeing history as it is in a nation that continues to defeat our children in the classroom with crucial cuts in their education and other issues facing them nationwide.

We continue to cut our children out of a great education in a nation that continues to tell our youth a great education leads to great exposure to wealth and throughout the world. Many of the statics during the Census data shows that the poverty of socially disadvantage and under-served youth in this nation from 1954 when segregation of our schools ended brought no real relief to the problem in the schools system. We have made progress in the realm of education with notes scholars like Michael Eric Dyson, Henry Louis Gates, Maya Angelo, and others, but our youth continue to get shafted in our educational system. Our desperate plea to overhaul the health system is probably needs, but know one ever discusses the need to overhaul our educational system.

Atlanta, Georgia Clayton county and numerous other across the county is a perfect example of an educational system that needs an overhaul, while paying out thousands of dollars to professionals that accountability for change never changes the outcome of the Clayton County schools or schools in the Washington, DC Nations Capital school system. It was only after these financial obligations were disbursed that Clayton County situation changed. Why is our nation educational professional not held accountable to the professionals that the school system employee. Look at the California problem with 9 million of educational cuts in many of the under-served communities, however private institutions do not become effected by many of these problems.

Now the nation is being held hostage for nonpayment to our school system nationwide while Former President Bush "No Child Left Behind" program became a laughing matter in most communities. Now we are faced with deficits that have brought this country to it knees and President Obama campaign speech to help people from the bottom up has changed course and our child get left behind again, could become another program left behind. These problems are not President Obama fault but he still plays an equal role for changes that will not happen for our children education or us anytime soon. The Administration continues to bailout big corporations and we the people still are suffering. We are still fighting a war but in the United States, the war to survive and to educate our children to become citizens.

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