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Business Financial Accounting Services - From Soup to Dessert

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2009-12-29 05:13:05     
Article by Akash Patel

It is not possible to describe accounting in a single statement. Financial accounting is a broader area to be described. If the business offering the accounting services then, it is not easy to accommodate the whole to the fellow people. A large number of things needed to be considered before providing the financial services like, the financial status, the annual budget, the gross income, the manpower strength etc. It is absolutely not easy to equalize the different services and to serve a helping hand to the fellow clients.

Accounting Set Up:
Setting up of the business finance accounting does not mean providing just the financial management services. Management of finance includes a number of services that need to be practiced for the setting of the proper accounting backbone of a business. Various services includes, Accounts receivable and payable, budgeting, cash management and financial reporting, inventory, payroll administration, taxation, bank reconciliation and preparation of general ledger.

All the services are equally important and missing one incompletes the chain of accounting services. Therefore specialization in each and every service is required to have a good accounting structure. Capital is such an asset for a company that needs to be managed perfectly. A minor mistake and everything will be washed off in moments.

Important Accounting Services:
Business financial accounting services that are important to include while dealing with business finance and the respective areas where these services can be best implemented can be listed as follows:
* Accounts Payable Service:
It is the account that contains money that the firm owes to its suppliers, in the form of debt for the products and services they received. Before making the payment, an invoice is received. It helps the organization to accomplish its objectives through a disciplined approach that improves the effectiveness of the entire payable process.
* Accounts Receivable Management:
Accounts receivable management includes the accounting transactions that deal with the billing of customers who owe money to the firm for the products and the services that has been received by the customer for which payment has not been made. Keeping the track of AR is important since ultimately it also contributes to the firm's annual income. Invoices are maintained for getting the payments, which is delivered to the customers with a decided time frame.
* Controlling & Determining the Budget:
It includes the planning of revenues and expenses. It is the most crucial job in an organization. It includes every miniature details starting from the business set up capital, necessary purchases that involves tangible and intangible assets, working expenses etc. Planning of all the entities is important in order to determine the annual budget. Controlling of budget is another issue which should be dealt with concentration. Since, the more you save the more you can invest in future.
* Cash Management & Financial Reporting Service:
In larger businesses cash management is a major factor compared to the smaller one. It emphasizes on revising all the bank accounts and other financial dealings. Managing of the cash and driving them in a right direction needs lot of expertise. Person who deals with cash management is one of the strongest assets of the firm.
Financial reporting is the enlisting and recording of all the financial activities regarding the business and other entities. Financial reporting helps in better understanding of all the long and short term financial activities performed by the business and thereby supports the business to take major decisions in future.
* Inventory Management Service:
It consists of a list of goods and services. These are the stocked materials that are stored which needs good maintenance and these serves as the business asset. This specifies about the size and location of the stored goods. The inventory goods play an important role for increasing the profit of an organization. Inventory management also concerns with asset management, inventory valuation, quality management etc.
* Payroll Administration Service:
This deals with the management of the employee's payroll generation, modification and revision. An important task relating to the employees is the payroll structure. For the generation of payroll, the supporting constraints are the leave details, the shift hours and the number of working days etc. serves a lot and based on these associated factors payroll of the employee is generated.
* Tax Filing and General Ledger Accounting:
This service deals with the filing of income tax returns. The rules of the government regarding taxation, changes every time therefore keeping into consideration of that factor taxation has to be handled by the company.
Ledger is the bifurcation of the accounting transactions in the section of debit and credit. It includes accounts like current and fixed assets, liabilities, revenues and expense items, gains and losses. The general ledger is the collection of the group of accounts that supports the items that are shown in the financial statements.
* Bank Reconciling Services:
This service performs the matching of the figures from the records against those shown on the bank statements. If in case any transaction is not found on the bank statement then it is said to be outstanding. This matching process is done in order to avoid the various discrepancies.
All these services are equally important while talking about accounting services. While an organization is dealing with accounting services it should provide all the above stated services related to business finance in order to solve the need that arises in the arena. If everything goes well then based on these details a strong accounting backbone can be achieved.

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