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             09 December, 2023

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Golf balls - Christmas special

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2009-12-24 06:39:47     
Article by Steve white

You've watched many golf star players like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on television - and you also know the brand of Golf Balls or Golf Accessories they use. And you think they're good, right? You should be able to use the same brand of Golf Balls, Golf Putters or Golf Accessories and be good too, right? But No....You are wrong..!!! No matter how good a golfer may be, he or she will not be any good at all without Golf Balls. Granted, it is a no-brainer that golfers need to have golf balls in order to play. But, the question is, which Golf Balls are the best.

This is a most sticky situation completely depends on the taste of individual Golf Player, what he or she expects out of the Golf Balls, and also how much money he or she wants to spend to purchase Golf Balls or any Golf Accessories. The key, as with most golf equipment, is to choose the right kind of golf ball for your level of play. Consider your swing and your game, and then choose the Golf Balls that will help to remove your limitation and build upon your strengths.
Beginning golfers are going to lose a lot of golf balls. They need to think more about price than quality. The beginning golfer needs to purchase "been around" balls, which are balls sold in bulk - around 50 to a bag, that have been found on golf courses and recycled, for lack of a better word.

When it comes to trying to select the best golf balls, there are literally hundreds of different types, brands and sizes that you can to choose from.
Golf balls come in three styles: 2-piece, 3-piece, and high performance.

2-piece golf balls are designed for improving your distance. As a result of this design, the two piece balls travel the maximum distance no matter what the swing speed is. When you hit this Golf Ball with your Club, it makes audible sound. Two piece balls are generally cheaper than the multi layer balls.

While 3-piece and high performance golf balls can typically help with accuracy. It is also known as Multi Layer Balls. It is generally more expensive Golf balls.
Multi layer Golf Balls sense softer to hit and have a higher spin rate because of this softness.

So, now how you define which Golf Balls suits for your best game and improve your game too..?? First you need to decide, which type of player you are or want to become and the level of your Skill. Players that are mostly concerned with getting more distance off the tee are better off choose for the two piece ball. Where as players who want more control in the ball should opt for the multi layer ball.

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